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DeathroW Picks Up ex-Oplon Roster

The ex-Pro League team will compete under DeathroW going forward into Season 8.

Previously under the banner of Lucky7, Oplon played in Pro League in Season 7 finishing in 8th place before losing 2-0 to i don't know in relegations. This pickup means the players of jahk, spokeN, Aherys, rxwd and aPPROX will be competing under an org owned by the team’s coach, DraZ, and their manager, Aotsuki, going forward.

This org, DeathroW,  previously competed in both Call of Duty and Fifa tournaments with minimal success, however, within the last 2 weeks the org has made major moves into the R6S scene. Firstly they picked up a mixed professional and amateur team which included the ex-Oplon Pro League player of Meechy, this team is now known as DeathroW Amateur.

As well as this DreathroW has bought out the org “Vires eSports” however on acquisition they dropped their amateur R6S team meaning the ex-Pro League players of Masdemort and Chaoxys will be out of an org going forwards.

This all means that DeathroW will now compete in the next season of Challenger League when the season begins again in September while their DeathroW Amateur team will be aiming to compete in lower level tournaments in the coming months.


“Here are our new colors for the upcoming season! An org where our team will be put in real good condition. Thanks to the staff of @DeathroWEU”

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