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The SiegeGG Discord Bot, Advanced Localization & more

We are introducing three things at a time, whoa!

Hey folks!

I’m Kev, the Head Developer of SiegeGG.

We have been asked multiple times in the last weeks—before the outage and after the relaunch—if we had a way of using so-called Webhooks to get notified on Discord servers about the latest SiegeGG articles. Webhooks are basically a connection or “hook” between websites and Discord servers. The SiegeGG 2.0 site allowed anyone to get an RSS feed, allowing Webhooks to be used through third-party services. Although we use Webhooks on our Discord server, we figured that Webhooks are not suitable and too hard to set up for people who are not experienced with these things.

Introducing: The official SiegeGG Bot. You can simply invite him to a Discord server—you need special permissions for that; ask your server’s administrator—and it will work out of the box in any channel called #siegegg. It will inform you about the latest SiegeGG articles. For now, the bot only shows English articles but it will soon™ support more languages. You can change whether the bot pings nobody, @here or @everyone with .siegegg ping none, .siegegg ping here and .siegegg ping everyone.

Here is the invite link for the bot, share it with your friends, your neighbors, and your dog: https://Siege.GG/bot

Next up we are happy to announce that the SiegeGG site is, as this articles get’s published, more localized. If your browser is set to either German or Portuguese the homepage will show you the German or Portuguese translation to the English articles. We don’t want to enforce the localization of the page, so we created a little button to disable the localization on the homepage. You can find it at the bottom of the page under the name English Version.

The last thing is something minor but mentionable. Article images on the homepage will now be resized with our “CDN”, as I have named it. It does not completely act like a CDN because we use Cloudflare for caching but it mainly resized images to reduce the load on your phone data volume. ;)