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Day 1 Roundup | DreamHack Austin 2018

We bring you the roundup of the Day 1 action at DreamHack Austin 2018.

The day started off with the BYOC stage. Beastcoast with no surprises won both of their matches with ease. They won against 1nfamy 5 rounds to  0 and CCS team Polar Ace 5 rounds to 0. Having also received a bye in the first round they became the first team to successfully secure their spot in the group stages.

The next team to secure their spot was Disrupt Gaming, who had to beat 12 Knights, T3H eSports and Nitrox. All 3 of the teams who Disrupt won against ended up in the final of the lower bracket games.

Trying to enter via lower brackets meant teams had to complete more matches and therefore had a much harder path, after losing to Disrupt, Pannari and his team on T3H had to complete 3 best of 3 games in a row. The roster proved strong winning each series 2 maps to 0 and thus, becoming the 3rd team to enter group stages.

Also being sent to the lower bracket by Disrupt gaming was 12 Knights who also looked very strong. With similar results as T3H, they became the last team to enter the group stages through the open BYOC qualifiers.

In the first of the group stage matches, we saw mousesports clash against Team SiNister in a  3 map brawl. Mouz took the first map 5 rounds to 2. After a lot of mistakes from Mouz such as, over aggressive pushes and a team kill in a 2v1 situation, something that can't happen in season 8,  SiNister where then able to responded taking the second map 5 rounds to 1. SiNister then secured the third map 5 rounds to 3. Team SiNister are now top of group B going into day 2.

The group C match between Spacestation Gaming and Noble esports was another 3 map fight. Noble took the first map 5 rounds to 1. SGG took the next two maps 5 rounds to 0 and 5 rounds to 3. This means SSG secures the top spot in this group.

Our third group stage match saw Mock-it Esports vs Motiv8 Gaming. This game was a much more decisive victory than the previous games with Motiv8 winning the first map 5 rounds to 2 and the second map 5 rounds to 1. This means Motiv8 currently sit top of group A.

The final game of the night was probably one of the most anticipated games of the day, Obey Alliance taking on Chaos (previously Digital Chaos). After some significant delays due to issues with power and internet at the venue, the game finally got underway in what looked like a strong performance from Chaos who took the first map Chalet  5 rounds to 1. Obey answered taking the second map Skyscraper with a score of 6 rounds to 4 and the third map Coastline 5 rounds to 3. Obey now sit top of Group D.

After the day was over the 4 winning teams of BYOC where given their groups.
Group A: Disrupt gaming will join EG, Mock it, and Motiv8.
Group B: Beastcoast will join  Vitality, Mousesports, and SiNister.
Group C: 12 Knights will join Millenium, SSG, and Noble.
Group D: t3hesports will join, Rogue, Obey and Chaos.

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