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ex-Hydra Gaming Roster Joins SiNister Academy

The top ranked team in NA CCS gets a new organization to represent.

The roster consisting of RTC, Rooty, aviation, Sippin and Vein is currently not only top in NA CCS but also the only team in both NA and EU CCS to have not lost a game so far. This included surprise victories against both the ex-Pro League team of Motiv8 (previously Ronin Esport) and Carnage n Chaos, a team made up of the core of mousesports as well as Supr and Geoo.

As well as this, previously, the core of this roster played in NA CCS Season 2 coming in second out of 12 teams before losing in the finals against “Homeless”, the team currently known as SK.

This roster now joins with the organization Team SiNister as an academy team. The org previously, during Season 7 of Challenger League, had a team finish 3rd after losing to beastcoast in a close playoff semifinals match. Most recently, this weekend, the org has a team participating in the DreamHack Austin $50,000 tournament in which they are currently at the top of their group after beating the Pro League team of mousesports.

SiNister Academy’s first game will be on Friday in the next round of NA CCS when they play the 3rd place team of Devious eSports