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Big Guns vs Initio Gaming | Post-Match Roundup | BeNeLux League Week 5

Catch up on what happened in the BeNeLux game between Big Guns and Initio Gaming

Big Guns guarantees their place at LAN after a convincing 2-0 victory over Initio Gaming.

Big Guns: Ma3lish, F4LCoN-, Farooq, Yakko and SoFastAim

Initio Gaming: HzDef, Sejinex, TigerB, Easy and Anthox

The first map of the day and Big Guns’ map pick, Border, began in dominating fashion for Big Guns as they managed to push the site with relatively little opposition which allowed them to plant the bomb in a 1v4 situation before F4LCoN finished off that round. This show of force by Big Guns continued on as the next round which saw Yakko, with low health on Vigil, dispatch 4 attackers from out of the downstairs bathroom to finish off the round.


This trend almost finished in round 3 as a quick rush by Big Guns was only successful due to a 3k by Ma3lish after the bomb had been planted. At this point Initio ran out of steam completely with the last 2 rounds ending with just 4 kills for this side finishing off the first map 5-0 to Big Guns. The MVP of the map was clearly Ma3lish who had 8 kills to just 2 deaths.


The following map of Consulate started out much better for Initio Gaming which, as their map choice, is to be expected. Overconfident from their previous 5-0 victory Big Guns began by attempting an ill advised rush strategy which got quickly shut down leading to an easy victory for Initio. This however turned out to be the story of the map as the following 3 rounds also went to the defenders thanks to a flawless defence of the Garage by Initio and a 3k by F4LCoN while defending meeting room.


This pattern was finally broke on round 5 as SoFastAim deployed a Montagne for Big Guns. Using him as a front line and an alternative to droning Big Guns managed to rush site and getting the man count to 4v2 in their favour before the defenders brought it back to a 1v1. Here Farooq managed to both plant the bomb and get away before finishing off Anthox as he attempted to bait a disarm on the defuser. This attack win was hit back by HzDef who got a 4k as Hibana winning that round however a second Monty rush attack by BG followed by an almost flawless Meeting Room defense win meant Big Guns took the map 5-3 and so the series 2-0. The MVP of this map HzDef who, despite losing, managed 10 kills to 5 deaths while playing Hibana and Bandit.


This result means Big Guns are guaranteed a place at the BeNeLux LAN with 4 wins to just 1 loss, they will now play 6th place team of Auxilium next week in what should be an quick victory for this side. Initio Gaming however remains in 5th place just outside the LAN qualification spots and will need to both win all their remaining games as well as hope for some lucky other results in order to get the LAN place. Their next game is against 3rd placed Team Demise, who themselves are just 1 game from LAN, in which will be an “all or nothing “ fixture for Initio Gaming.


After week 5, the current standings are:

Week 5 Player stats:

Written by TheRussianEwok