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Shatte Leaves PENTA

Shatte takes a hiatus from esports to focus on streaming.

Stating “I will be back,” Shatte makes the decision to take a break from competing in Rainbow 6 Pro League as he “didn't enjoy playing competitively in PENTA anymore” and had a “lack of motivation” to play or watch the game.

Shatte has been in Pro League since Season 2 and joined ENCE eSports (then known as GiFu eSports) in Season 3. He and the ENCE lineup attended every LAN finals, falling short each time until Season 6 when his team finally won the title in Sao Paulo. After this, he moved from ENCE to their EU rivals, PENTA Sports, where he won the Year 2 Six Invitational as well as seeding #1 in EU during Season 7.

We asked Shatte about the changes of which he had this to say:

Does your relationship with Penta still remain good? (the team, not the org)

My relationship with Penta is good, I want to handle things like an adult and be respectful and not to burn bridges when life situations change, so yes relationship between us is good.

Will you be relying on streaming as your full income?

I am currently relying to my stream yes, I hope I can do it even if its a bit risky of course.

Do you have anything in mind for a return?

I don't have anything in mind for a return yet, I will now just continue streaming and think about options, but its 100% sure I will be back 1 day.

This announcement comes after he was unable to attend the Season 7 LAN Finals in Atlantic City due to personal reasons and has been met with support from across the scene.




Shatte will now be streaming daily, which you can watch here. PENTA Sports has not yet announced a replacement for Shatte, so we expect to hear more in the coming weeks before Season 8 begins.