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Skys and Adam join Obey Alliance

Obey Alliance just announced the acquisition of Skys and Adam for their Rainbow Six roster.

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A few minutes ago Obey Alliance announced (on Twitter) the addition of Alex “Skys” Magor, and Adam “Ad9m” Ameiche. The two are replacing Benjamin “Benji” Butler, and Guiliano “Krazy” Solon who were released a few days ago.

Skys comes from Counter Logic Gaming, with whom he got relegated after losing to Beastcoast 2-1 in the Pro League relegations a few weeks prior. Ad9m joins the roster from SK Gaming, with whom he almost got to the Finals last season, but were stopped by Evil Geniuses in the playoffs.

We asked Bosco about the reasoning behind these roster changes, and this is what he had to say:

"We saw an opportunity to pick up two very skilled and experienced players that we believe will only improve our team and our chances at winning a LAN"

This is the new Obey Alliance roster:

Dylan Thomas “Bosco” Bosco

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Dale “MahMan” Pak

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Gurman “Gurmy” Bains

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Alex “Skys” Magor

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 Adam “Ad9m” Ameiche

Steven "Snake Nade" White (Coach)

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The first appearance of this roster will be at Dreamhack Austin this weekend, and further down the line in the Pro League’s 8th Season.

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