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Defusekids vs Initio Gaming | Post-Match Roundup | Benelux League Week 4

Catch up on what happened in the Benelux League week 4 game between Defusekids and Initio Gaming.

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After a 20 minute delay the 2nd game of the day we saw Defusekids clash against Initio Gaming, before the start of this game both teams had only secured 1 win each. After a hard-fought game by both sides, Defusekids come out on top. However, due to receiving 6 penalty points in the course of the game Initio was awarded a 2-0 win.
Defusekids: Gomfi, Green, Pengu, Quadzy, fRYKY
Initio Gaming: Easy, ScorpZ, Sejinex, TijgerB, Vizent
Defusekids chose to start the game off on Border. The first few rounds were very attacker sided before Defusekids dominated on a 3-round streak. With the standings at 4 rounds to 1 in favour of Defusekids, Initio give it everything to take round 6. Defusekids did not let this hamper their momentum and closed out the game here taking the map 5 rounds to 2.
Onto Initios pick of Consulate, the story was much the same on this map with the first 2 rounds going in favour of the attackers. Once again Defusekids went on yet another 3-round streak. As before Initio took 1 final round before Defusekids closed off the map 5 round to 2 and thus taking the series 2 maps to 0.

After the match was concluded, Pengu failed to submit ESL Wire and Moss files to the league admins. This, along with Defusekids showing up 20 minutes late to the match, ESL awarded Defusekids 6 penalty points and therefore Initio Gaming was awarded a default win.

In the off-stream games, Big Guns won 2 maps to 0 over Flash Point and Trust Gaming won 2 maps to 0 over Auxilium
After week 4 the current league standings are:

Stats courtesy of @Hap_r6


Week 4 Player stats:

Stats courtesy of @Hap_r6

You can catch the week 4 highlight video here.

Week 5 will take place on 30th May 2018 at 18:00 CEST. We will see Initio Gaming vs Big Guns and Auxilium vs Demise will take place on stream, which can be found here. Remote Controlled vs Trust Gaming and Flash Point vs Defusekids will take place off stream.