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SiegeGG’s way to support more languages

We are launching the site localization to German!

Hey folks,

Our first approach to the SiegeGG website, also known as SiegeGG 1.0, was primarily created for English speaking people. The English language has been a valuable tool in connecting the Rainbow Six: Siege community since the game was released in 2015. Many teams, some professional, use English as the primary language for communicating with its advantage being its universality. However, when not playing the game some people prefer reading or viewing content in their native language.

On the old site, we wanted to boost the user experience and the accessibility of SiegeGG by translating articles into as many languages as possible. Since the 1.0 launch, we have consistently increased the amount of languages supported to reach our goal. Now, with the new site, we want to take this a step further and localize the site itself, in other words, making the base pages available in each language we translate to. This takes more time than translating an article, so we will test this feature only for a small number of languages—at least for now.

The site will now be available in English and German. Although German is not one of the most requested languages, it was one of the easiest to implement due to me, Kev the Head Developer for SiegeGG, being German. If you experience any issues with the localization of the site, leave feedback on our Discord server for us to improve the localization further.

The localization in German is just the first step to improving the site’s accessibility, in the following weeks, we plan to test more languages on the SiegeGG website. Stay tuned!