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Team CryptiK leaves organisation, announces upcoming roster change

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) side’s team captain made the announcement earlier today, in the lead up to Season 8 and the Paris Major.

Hailing from Singapore and playing in the Southeast Asian (SEA) subregion in APAC, the players had been with the Team CryptiK organisation since a little while before the Season 6 APAC LAN event.

Since their signing by the organisation, the Singaporeans have represented them at three APAC regional LAN qualifying events -- in Season 6, Season 7, and at the 2018 Invitational APAC Qualifiers. However, the team has always been second-best at each of the events, and faced the eventual Grand Finalists prior to qualification in the seasonal single-elimination LAN finals. As such, they have been unable to feature at any international LAN event since the 2017 Invitational.


Earlier today, the team’s captain Lunarmetal announced that they would be parting ways with the organisation. He also announced that his team will be making a roster change in the coming week, however there is no confirmation yet as to what the change(s) will be.

The current CryptiK roster has been together the longest of any professional team, with 4 out of the 5 players having been together since the start of the Pro League in Year 1 Season 1.

In 2017, they became the first team from their region to win a map on the international stage, when they beat eRa Eternity (now Rogue) on Clubhouse. Then, they had Kori playing for them, with Shinbagel later taking his place for Season 6, and HysteRiX replacing him in turn after that season's APAC LAN finals.

They have, unfortunately, been unable to qualify a single international LAN since then, and this will affect their ability to attract a Tier 1 organisation, like how Mindfreak were picked up by Fnatic last month. However, with Fnatic already automatically qualified for the Paris Major, it seems that this tournament will offer the team the clearest shot they have had in a while to qualify for an international tournament.

The players will now be looking for an organisation they feel is at their level to represent for Season 8 and for the Paris Major qualifiers.

As it stands, the team’s roster is as follows:

Lunarmetal, Ysaera, HysteRiX, Reveck, Quantic