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Group D Key Takeaways: DWG KIA run over opponents, Team oNe inconsistent

Group D is over, this is what happened.

Image via Ubisoft

To a certain extent, we could say the D in “Group D” stands for DWG KIA. The Koreans were all over the place and didn’t give their opponents room for mistakes. 

Despite the first place being decided after day three’s results, the four teams remaining were left in a very close, open race for salvation. By day five, three teams had four points, with MIBR being the only exception with three. 

From the comfort of their hotel rooms, Team oNe members watched their hopes to advance to the final bracket vanish. The Mexico Major champions’ future was in the hands of the rest of the teams, and all they needed was a 2-0 DWG KIA victory over Natus Vincere, or an OXG Esports 2-0 victory over MIBR. Neither happened. 

Surprise of the group

DWG KIA taking first place isn’t an upset, but the fashion of how they took it is what feels as a surprise. Nobody could stop the play-style practiced by the newest Siege sensation until the very last day, where Na’Vi took one map off the Koreans.

Quarterfinalists in Mexico, semifinalists in Sweden, and so far absolutely unstoppable at the Six Invitational. Perhaps we might not have a solid and completely realistic perception of the team’s roof due to the caliber of their group stage opponents, this is not a drill: DWG KIA could be on its way to become the very first APAC roster to compete at an international Siege Grand Final.

Group D Impact Player


If Yoo “yass” Sang-hoon was the team’s sensation at the Sweden Major, now it was time for Park “Woogiman” Jin-wook to shine. He has been essential for his team, worth noticing a clutch on round twelve of Villa against Oxygen Esports to force an overtime that the Koreans would eventually win.

Match of the Group

Team oNe vs. Oxygen Esports, Day 4

Following losses to DWG KIA and MIBR and just a 2-1 victory over Na’Vi, Team oNe had the obligation to win in order to be alive for the last day of groups. 

The series was decided in an 8-7 victory on Consulate as Eduardo “KDS” Fontes left everyone open-mouthed after grabbing 22 kills on just map one. Despite Oxygen Esports forcing the decider after winning on Oregon, Team oNe were far superior on Bank where they won 7-3.

However, that was not enough for Team oNe to avoid being kicked out of the Six Invitational 2022 the following day.

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