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Millennium vs Team Liquid | Post-Match Roundup | Season 7 LAN Semi-Finals

Catch up on what happened in the Season 7 Finals game between Millennium and Team Liquid.

Millenium were umable to establish a reputation as LATAM killers, as they fell 1-2 in a close matchup to the second seed from the Latin American region.

Millenium: Liven, Renshiro, Hicks, Joghurtzz, Risze

Team Liquid: ziG, NESKWGA, Bullet1, psk1, S3xyCake


Starting things off in the map ban phase, Millenium banned Oregon, Bank, and Clubhouse. Their Brazilian counterparts, on the other hand, decided to not play Consulate, Skyscraper and Chalet. That left us with the French pick of Coastline, and Brazilian pick of Kafe Dostoyevsky, wirw the decider map being Border.

On Coastline, things were very strongly in favour for Team Liquid, with the team refusing to even give the slightest advantage to their opponents. Millenium seemed lost against the firepower of Nesk and his teammates, and capitulated in a quick 5-0.

However, Millenium were not out just yet. They started things up in Kafe by taking the 1st round, but Liquid fired back immediately to set the tone of the rest of the map. Both teams kept trading rounds back and forth until the 7th round, when Joghurtzz and Hicks clutched out a 2v4 scenario to take the lead 4-3. Millennium then seized the momentum from the previous round, taking the map 5-3, and tying the series up 1-1.

On Border, Liquid swiftly swept into a 2-0 lead, with Nesk securing 6 out of the 10 possible kills. Millennium would hit back and tie things up 2-2, howeber, indicating their lack of interest in another 5-0 map loss. Things would go all the way to OT, where at 4-4 Liquid would defend Armory perfectly, and take the lead 5-4. Team Liquid would end up taking the map 6-4 and thus the match 2-1.

The MVP for this game was definitely Nesk with 38 kills in 25 rounds, with 20 of those kills comimg on Border. While Pengu still holds the record for most kills on a map at LAN (21 kills), Nesk will be far from disappointed with his play.

Team Liquid will now face PENTA Sports in the Grand Final, while Millenium's dream of being the first French team to reach the Grand Final in almost 2 years has been dashed.

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