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NA SI Qualifier Day 2: TSM FTX punch ticket to SI 2022 with 3-0 over Parabellum

Image via Ubisoft/@Kirill_Vision

Every single North American Six Invitational Qualifier has had back-to-back victors. ERa Eternity and Spacestation were back-to-back victors. 

Parabellum Esports were looking to repeat that trend by upsetting NA powerhouse TSM FTX. First, they had to make it through an upstart 1shot roster on the final day of the NA SI Qualifier. 

The first two maps between the 2021 NACL squads went to maximum regulation time. Parabellum won the opening map 7-5, 1shot fired back with a 7-5 win of their own. The decider map, Chalet, was not close. Parabellum cleaned house, 7-1, following a 5-1 attacking half. 

Specifically, Zachary “SpiriTz” Dionne had an incredible match. The youngster notched a 1.3 SiegeGG Rating over the course of the series and led the server with 35 total kills over the course of 32 rounds. 

Parabellum plays with plot armor, and for a spell had history working in their favor. However, TSM FTX is no slouch, and very quickly pressed to an early advantage. Superstar Jason “Beaulo” Doty completely and totally obliterated Parabellum with a clean four kills during the first round. He was unisolatable on Bank’s first floor, and Parabellum paid the price. TSM FTX would go on to win the first three rounds, after which Parabellum promptly called a timeout. TSM FTX won the map 7-2.

Villa began with more of the same. TSM FTX raced out to a 4-2 lead on their defensive half and closed out a Parabellum comeback bid with a 7-4 map win. 

Oregon was significantly different than the first two maps. After a 3-0 TSM FTX blitz on their attacking half, Parabellum rattled off five straight rounds of their own. However, the lead collapsed, and TSM FTX pushed the map to overtime. In overtime, it was all TSM FTX, as they locked in a clean two rounds to take the third map 8-6. Statistically, Bryan "Merc" Wrzek led TSM FTX to victory with three opening picks to just one opening death in map three. 

The result isn’t all doom and gloom for Parabellum, however. They played a monstrous six maps over the course of a single day, and are still qualified for NAL competition after SI’s conclusion. They couldn’t hold the historical trend, but they belong in the upper echelon of North American Siege all the same. 

With the win, TSM FTX punches their ticket to Stockholm, Sweden for the Six Invitational 2022 with a 7-1 map record during the qualifier as a whole. SI, Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest tournament, begins on Feb. 8, just a little over a week in the future. 

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