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Day 1 Roundup | Season 7 Pro League Quarter-Finals

We bring you the roundup of the Season 7 Quarter Finals

Day 1 Roundup | Season 7 Pro League Quarter-Finals

Quarter Final 1: Rogue vs NORA-Rengo
Consulate: Rogue 6-4 | Coastline: NORA-Rengo 5-1 | Bank: Rogue 6-4

After a very dominant performance by Rogue during the online season, a lot of people expected their first game to be an easy win over NORA -Rengo. However, after travelling over 6 thousand miles, the Japanese side was not going to go down without a fight. In a 3-map nail-biter, this was most certainly a big start to the day.

Quarter Final 2: Evil Geniuses vs PENTA Sports
Oregon: EG 5-3 | Bank: PENTA 5-2 | Border: PENTA 5-3

This was the match everyone wanted to see -- two of the biggest names in the world of Rainbow Six esports facing off once again. Coming off a loss at the Six Invitational, EG started off eager to get revenge. However, once again PENTA reminded us why they are the 2018 Invitational Champions with a 2-1 win.


Quarter Final 3: FaZe Clan vs Millennium
Coastline: Millennium 5-2 | Clubhouse: FaZe 6-5 | Consulate: Millennium 5-3

Millennium went into this game as the underdogs, after a strong online season from FaZe. However, they were determined not to be counted out. After 3 intense maps, Millennium can now proudly say they are the first French team to reach a Semi-Final since Season 2.


Quarter Final 4: Fnatic vs Team Liquid
Chalet: Team Liquid 6-5 | Oregon: Team Liquid 5-1 | Boarder: N/A

What started off as a fantastic showing by Fnatic, quickly went pear shaped. Despite their best efforts Fnatic where just unable to regain control as Liquid won round after round. Team Liquid capitalised on this, and decisively took the only 2-0 series of the day.

Player of the Day: Kantoraketti

The PENTA sub and ENCE team member Kantoraketti really stole the day with an impressive SiegeGG rating of 1.54, and thus gets our Player of the Day.