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Faze Clan vs Millennium | Post-Match Roundup | Season 7 Pro League Quarter-Finals

Catch up on what happened in the Season 7 Quarter Finals game between FaZe Clan and Millenium.


In a closely contested match, Team Millennium faced off against Faze Clan. The European team was able to win 2-1, making it the first time in a while where a full-French team would be seen in the Semi Finals.


Faze Clan: HSnamuringa, Astro, cameram4n, mav, gohaN

Millenium: Renshiro, Hicks, Risze, Liven, Joghurtzz


Faze Clan started off by banning Skyscraper, Kafe and Border. Millenium responded by banning Bank, Oregon, Chalet, leaving Faze to pick Clubhouse. Millenium then chose Coastline, with Consulate as the decider map.


Coastline was the first map played, and Millenium started it off with a defense of Penthouse and Home Theater. The first round was easily won by the Brazilian team, but the French instantly fired back by winning the next two rounds.  Faze won the following round, but then thanks to a 3k from Joghurtzz and an amazing play from Risze with the Yokai drone, Millennium was able to win the round and wrest the momentum in their favour. Shortly after, the French were able to close out the map with a score of 5 to 2.


The second map played was Clubhouse, and there the Brazilians started off strong by winning the first two rounds. The game was extremely back and forth, and saw the map go to overtime -- something that both teams were no strangers to the last time they met. The first round was won by Millennium thanks to a great clutch from Hicks. However, Faze didn't lose their cool, and took the next two rounds to narrowly tie the series 1-1.


On the third and final map Millennium took an early lead thanks to a 4 vs 2 clutch from Hicks and Risze. However, as was the story earlier, Faze then won the next two rounds, and Millenium responded in kind. It seemed that we could see overtime yet again, however the French weren't interested, and managed to secure the map with a score of 5-3, and thus the series 2-1.


Millenium’s win in this match means that they are the first French team to reach the Semi Finals since Season 2, which saw Yunktis win the Pro League outright. They will play tomorrow against the winner of the match between Fnatic and Team Liquid to decide if they can continue that legacy, but FaZe Clan will only be able to watch from the sidelines.