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Bersa on Atheris situation: "It affected all of us, but there’s nothing we can do"

The Brazilian dream team will have to compete with their coach Royz as Guicho is not allowed to travel.

Image: Atheris Esports

Atheris’ Dream Team has turned into a nightmare.

The team began 2021 with the signings of two double-SI participants, Daniel “Novys” Novy and Lucca “MKing” Cosser. By combining the Brazilian ability and experience alongside the Mexican talent, Atheris’ intention was to become the first in its country to play at an international stage. 

Despite the team enjoying a great start to the season with a victory over FURIA Esports and a map win against MIBR in the Copa Elite Six Stage 1, everything was downhill from there. Atheris went winless in the second edition, while their only win in the third came against an unrecognizable MIBR.

Two months later, the Brazilian-majority roster would lose to Fenix Esports at the Campeonato Mexicano Finals. 

Atheris Esports at the Campeonato Mexicano Finals (Image: Atheris Esports)

Atheris’ most recent addition, Victor “Bersa” Hugo, admitted in a SiegeGG interview that “although we expected to win, we were preparing a lot for the SI Closed Qualifiers." For the last few years, Mexico has had two sides fighting each other to become the first Mexican team to compete at an international event, some kind of a Siege Space Race.

So with Fenix already in the Closed Qualifier and Atheris out of it, it made sense for the roster to sacrifice the Mexican Finals, despite their desire of winning it all.

Later that month, Atheris Esport confirmed its appearance at the LATAM SI 2022 Closed Qualifiers after winning Mexico’s regional qualifier. But the problems were far from being over yet, as the Brazilian borders would close for unvaccinated people on Dec. 18, which meant that Atheris’ player Luís “Guicho” Gómez wouldn’t be allowed to fly due to him not having enough time to get the two COVID-19 doses. 

With the team having no subs in their squad, Atheris had no other option but to withdraw from the tournament. 

Said Bersa: “We are not mad at him, we didn’t know about it. He’s still in the team, helping the way he can. Of course, it affected all of us, but there’s nothing we can do. It was a misunderstanding more than anything, the Brazilian requirements changed, we could fly to every Copa Elite Six."  

Surely the cruelest way to put to an end what’s been the most ambitious Siege project in Mexico. However, the team found a way to compete in the closed qualifier, as the coach Francisco “Royz” Guillén will step in the main roster. Although the team hasn't confirmed its participation yet, the players' intention is clear: they want to have the last ride. 

“He is not a player, but he will do his best. We are not sure if he is going to play the same role as Guicho, or to try him in support just to drone and play more aggressively,” the Brazilian said. 

With the transfer market closed, it was impossible for Atheris’ to be allowed to sign a player that could fill the space. Royz 'medical situation wasn’t good either, so the team tried it anyway. However, as expected, ESL’s answer to the team’s petition was quickly rejected.

"ESL didn’t help that much actually. They said ‘these are the rules, if your coach can’t play, then we will probably put another team,'" Bersa said. "We asked to put another player as our coach is going through medical problems, and they didn’t help actually. They just said no, it was Royz or not playing. Atheris and Alkapone, it’s a hard decision for them too, playing with Royz is not ideal, but they are helping."

LATAM SI 2022 Closed Qualifier participants (Image: R6 Esports Brasil)

Atheris Esports will start from the group stage, where they will compete against Black Dragons, Malvinas Gaming, and Furious Gaming. Looking at the four teams, the Brazilian roster of Black Dragons is the main favorite to make it through.

However, the Argentinian teams can’t be ignored either, with Malvinas having the best player in the region, Richard “blk” Rodríguez, and Furious Gaming, who has improved throughout the third stage and won the Campeonato Sudamericano Finals. 

“It is a lower level [compared to Elite Six]. We have bigger chances, MIBR and Fenix are possibly the best, but we know how to defeat them. I think Mexico and Argentina can upset Brazil this time, and maybe even reach the SI,” Bersa said.

Unless Atheris pulls off a miracle playing with their coach in the main line-up, the roster’s future is quite dark. Once the team announced their withdrawal, ALK4PONE announced on stream that the team would leave the Siege scene and seek other esports opportunities outside the title.

"As a full team, I think this can be our last ride together, unfortunately. We don’t know exactly, nothing is sure. We appreciate the fans’ efforts, how they cheered us," Bersa concluded. 

The LATAM SI 2022 Closed Qualifiers are set to be played between Jan. 15 and Jan. 16, the winner will qualify for the Six Invitational 2022.