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What to watch in January: SI22 Closed Quals & Six Memevitational

Here’s a full look at the biggest tournaments taking place in Siege esports this coming month.

The R6 offseason continues this month as we see a decreased number of games before February’s Six Invitational. Before that, though, here’s a rundown on everything there is still to watch in January.

Rainbow Six Siege Global Events

While there are no global tournaments in January, there are closed qualifiers for the 2022 Six Invitationals:

  • Jan 8-9th -- APAC Closed Qualifier
  • Jan 15-16th -- LATAM Closed Qualifier
  • Jan 22-23rd -- EU Closed Qualifier
  • Jan 29-30th -- NA Closed Qualifier

While the above tournaments each have tens of thousands of dollars on the line for the winners, we will at the same time see a much more lighthearted showmatch tournament in the second annual Six Memevitational:

  • Jan 15-16th -- Six Memevitational 2022

Rainbow Six Siege Regionals

With the completion of the LATAM, EU, and NA Finals in December, this leaves just the APAC Finals and relegations to be played to end the 2021 Season. Curiously, however, no details on these games have been given so far which has caused a lot of frustration for members of the region.

As well as the finals offering the biggest regional prize pool in APAC for the year, the relegation games are also crucial for the 2022 Season to take place.

The matches are likely to take place before the top teams travel to Montreal for the 2022 Six Invitational in February and after the APAC closed qualifier on the 8-9th of January. SiegeGG will be sure to give an update when more is announced.

Rainbow Six Siege Nationals

While all the big-name national leagues ended ahead of Stage 3’s EU Challenger League and the planned APAC relegations, there will be smaller national-tier tournaments taking place around Europe over the next month:

  • Jan 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, and 25th -- Polish Cup 2022
  • Jan 4th-onwards -- UKIN Rainbow Rumble, playoff bracket
  • Jan 5-30th -- 6 French Challengers
  • Jan 8-9th -- Benelux Cup Season 2, semi and grand-final
  • Jan 8-14th -- GSA Relegation playoffs
  • Jan 11th and 18th -- Six Masters Iberia, final two weeks

While these weren’t all the tournaments happening over the next few weeks, this is still a good glance at the global scene and matches that will be available to watch.

SiegeGG will be covering the bigger of these tournaments as they happen, most notably the Six Invitational qualifiers.

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