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Rainbow Six Siege legend Pengu joins DarkZero as a content creator

Pengu is still around.

Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen has signed as a content creator with DarkZero, according to a release from his personal Twitter account.

Pengu is a two-time SI champion, and one of the most decorated Rainbow Six Siege players of all time. He’s won everything there is to win in Siege, from SI to PL Finals to Majors. 

He joins DZ (as a content creator) next to long-time foe Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski — his North American opponent in many of his tournament wins. Canadian, who currently plays for DarkZero, is the most decorated NA player on record. His two hammer lifts in 2017 and 2020 speak for themselves.

Pengu has been pivoting to the casting and content aspect of Rainbow Six Siege lately, and recently casted the NA Finals from the FACEIT LA Studio. Time will tell what the face of Siege will choose to do with his career, but for now, it seems he’s content with streaming and casting here and there – at least until the transfer window opens in March.