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Is Rainbow Six Siege appropriate?

Parents and kids are in agreement: Yes, for the most part!

Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter, which means some people automatically feel the game is too "violent" for certain groups of players. But is it true? 

What is the R6 Siege age rating?

Rainbow Six Siege is rated M by the ESRB

The Entertainment Software Rating Board is a non-profit, self-regulatory body established in 1994 to benefit consumers in the video game industry. Their goal is to help consumers make "informed choices" for their family. 

Why is Rainbow Six Siege rated M?

The ESRB has a whole paragraph explaining this decision. The main reason appears to be that players use firearms, explosives, and traps to "kill human enemies." When gunfights happen, ESRB noted that players will cry out in pain. Blood-splatter effects are also used. ESRB also stated that the gunfire is "realistic." 

Cutscenes are another reason Rainbow Six Siege got an M rating. There are a lot of violent moments, including an explosion that kills two characters and "a man shot in slow motion." There are also drugs, like bags of cocaine on tables, and some operators say "f--k." 

Do parents think Rainbow Six Siege is inappropriate?

Despite Rainbow Six Siege being rated M for violence and swearing, most adults stated that the game wasn't appropriate for young kids due to how hard the game is. 

Many adults stated that children 10 and above should be allowed to play Rainbow Six Siege. While there is blood, many noted that it looked bright and unrealistic. Others noted that the voice lines can be turned off, making the swearing not a huge problem. 

One parent noted on Common Sense Media: "No respawning, lots of recoil, no killstreaks, destructible environments, and required strategy with your team." 

But overall, parents were not afraid to let their young children play Rainbow Six Siege, especially mature kids. The game seemed like a great way for them to learn communication and play something with friends. Parents noted that their kid didn't become violent or rude due to playing Rainbow Six Siege. 

Is Rainbow Six Siege too hard for kids to play?

A lot of parents felt that the game was a bit more tricky to master than Call of Duty but that younger children still found the experience enjoyable. 

The R6 community takes pride in the Siege being a bit more difficult than other FPS games and fancy themselves more mature than other gaming communities. 

Do children think Rainbow Six Siege is inappropriate?

Most kids had the game pinpointed at the same age range as adults, saying that the game was appropriate for anyone over 12 years old. 

A 13-year-old Rainbow Six fan who played the game for 100 hours said that the game has very little swearing. One kid said they heard no swearing at all. Another younger player said that the blood didn't look real. 

One teen noted: "This game is great fun. Working with people all over the globe to people across the street. It requires communication, cooperation, and skill. This game is great for team-based combat and if you as a parent want a laugh and a game to play with your child this is the game. 

A 14-year-old fan said: "The game itself is very difficult. There is a very steep learning curve accompanying this game and a player can experience much frustration while trying to learn the game and competing with players of a higher skill level to them."

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