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Official SI 2022 merch comes with in-game skin, unform, charm

The first set of SI22 merchandise has been unveiled via the online retailers, DRKN.

The first set of official merchandise for next year's Six Invitational tournament has been unveiled in a black hoodie and a "patch pack." These are officially licensed and come with in-game items also.

SI22 Hoodie

As with every year, an official event hoodie for the Six Invitational has gone on sale. For the last two years Ubisoft has partnered with the online retailer of with them releasing the following design for this year:

The SI22 hoodie via

The hoodie is $99 and comes with a Hibana bundle also which includes a uniform, headgear, weapon skin, and charm:

The SI21 jacket is also still available for a much higher $189 price tag.

SI22 patches

Also revealed is a bundle of regional Velcro patches for the NAL, EUL, LATAM-L, and APACL as well as the logo of the fictional NIGHTHAVEN Private Military Company of which Kali, Wamai, Ace, Aruni, and Osa are a part of. 

Additional Six Invitational 2022 merch

While not yet announced, the prior few years have also seen the Ubisoft Store sell a range of its own SI-branded clothing with the SI21 jacket still available to buy. Finally, an event coin was available last year via the Koyo Store and was available to buy at the event at SI20. There's been no word on if a SI22 version will be available to buy as of yet.

Check back at SiegeGG for further details on all Six Invitational announcements as they come over the next few months.