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EU Six Invitational Open Qualifier No. 1 live thread: Results, scores, bracket

Here are all the results from the EU SI 2022 open qualifier.

Image via SiegeGG

The European Open Qualifier No. 1 begins on Dec. 4 and ends on Dec. 5. 

Last year’s European Open Qualifier was punctuated by the all-Italian MKERS team who stormed their way to Six Invitational qualification and an eventual spot in the playoff bracket at SI. Their run was cut short by TSM FTX, but not after they sent Cloud9 home in a 2-0 scoreline. 

Who will this year’s version of MKERS be? The EUL teams still looking for qualification would prefer the answer be “no one”. 

The tournament begins on Dec. 4 and will feature several EUL and EUCL teams. Virtus.Pro, Acend, G2, Team Secret, Movistar Riders, and many more will be competing for a spot in the closed qualifier with Team Vitality and cowana Gaming. 

This article will be updated as results come in. 

Here are the results from notable teams during the open qualifier:

Round of 64

  • Movistar Riders 7-0 Bruhject: Movistar Riders, headlined by Daniel "Goga" Mazorra, took their first game of the qualifier home with a solid 7-0 victory. 
  • Rebels Gaming 7-4 DED Inside
  • Viperio 86 7-0 E-LEGION
  • Sandals IV 7-4 COWES
  • MACKO 7-0 DARZY'S Little Soldiers
  • NameSeekers 7-0 NeverLastEsports
  • Nordic supremacy 7-2 Fake diamonds
  • .4sv 7-1 Hawkshead
  • Into The Breach R6 1-0 Zancudo Gaming
  • Wylde 8-7 WiLD Multi Gaming R6
  • BLUEJAYS 7-1 Juan Squad
  • Ovation Esports 7-5 DAViNCi ESPORTS
  • Team Valor 7-0 FLS Esports
  • LFO 7-0 TryHards SK
  • Pandore esport 7-3 Team Ventus
  • START ESPORT 7-2 Team Guardians Alpha
  • Team WanteD FR 7-1 throwtic
  • Team Secret 8-7 Esport_Empire.
  • Ignite.Esports 7-0 Desired
  • Wygers 7-1 Flying Kiwis
  • NoiZe Gaming 1-0 Nalon Esports
  • Project XY 7-0 Pandemonium R6
  • LaLoosance 7-4 Team DeftFoxR6
  • OnionUnion 1-0 Supa Sussy Clan
  • GC eSport 7-1 frzn
  • G2 7-0 Southampton Toilet Group: G2 take out the team with arguably the funniest name in the EU Open Quals, Southampton Toilet Group. 
  • Virtus.Pro 7-2 Take a pinch of salt
  • Acend 7-0 Durham Defenders 
  • Movistar Riders 7-0 Asteroid Interactive
  • Neck Breakers 7-3 Delta Project: Delta Project fell behind 3-0 on Oregon defense and couldn't recover en route to a 7-3 loss to "Neck Breakers". 
  • Project Æ 7-4 MnM Gaming: EUL Relegation-bound MnM lose a heartbreaker to Project Æ. MnM were considered one of the favorites to at least make a deep run. 
  • Hellraisers 7-1 EDENSGATE
  • Reply Totem 7-5 Mkers: Italian squad Mkers are knocked out before they can notch a PGN Finals rematch with MACKO. 

Round of 32

  • Virtus.Pro 7-2 Team WanteD FR
  • GC eSport 7-0 OnionUnion
  • LaLoosance 7-1 Project XY
  • Wygers 7-0 NoiZe Gaming
  • LFO 7-2 Pandore eSport
  • Project Æ 8-7 Ovation Esport
  • .4sv 7-4 Into The Breach R6
  • NameSeekers 7-3 Nordic supremacy
  • Viperio 86 7-5 Sandals IV
  • Rebels Gaming 7-2 Neck Breakers
  • Team Secret 7-1 Ignite.Esports
  • Movistar Riders 7-3 Acend
  • Rebels Gaming 7-2 Neck Breakers
  • Team_Valor 8-7 G2: G2 lose a heartbreaker in the waning seconds of round 15. 
  • Hellraisers 7-2 START ESPORT
  • Reply Totem 7-3 MACKO

Round of 16

  • Team Secret 7-0 Wygers
  • Hellraisers 7-1 Virtus.Pro: Hellraisers dealt a devastating blow to VP on the opening half, one that VP couldn't recover from. Hellraisers win the battle of the Russian teams. 
  • LFO 7-4 Movistar Riders
  • Reply Totem 7-2 NameSeekers
  • Viperio 86  7-3 Rebels Gaming 
  • WYLDEGG 7-5 .4sv
  • Project Æ 7-4 Team Valor
  • GC eSport 7-4 LaLoosance


  • Team Secret 7-1 GC eSport
  • LFO 8-6 Hellraisers
  • Viperio 86 7-4 Reply Totem
  • WYLDEGG 8-6 Project Æ


Team Secret 2-0 LFO

It took some time, but Team Secret have punched their ticket to the finals of the EU Open Qualifier. If they win one more game, they'll be in the Closed Qualifier, and their Six Invitational 2022 hopes will remain alive. 

Their somewhat unexpected run was sparked by a first round scare. Secret were in a two vs. five while down 3-6 in round count, and came back to win the game 8-7. From there, they only lost two rounds over the next three games. 

Secret are now in a prime position to make the Closed portion of the Qualifier. 

Viperio 86 2-1 WYLDEGG

WYLDEGG defeated Viperio 86, their EUCL comrades, by a 2-0 scoreline to push to the grand finals of the EU Open Qualifier. Should they win their next game, they'll qualify for the Closed Qualifier, which will give one of four EU teams an SI 2022 berth. 

The first two maps were close, and the second one was dotted with controversy. WYLDEGG were not allowed a timeout, and were refused a rehost after a player disconnected. They played overtime on map two with only four players. 

However, Viperio 86 allowed their player time to go to a different place to play the final map. Viperio 86 fell behind 5-1 on their Oregon attacking half but came back to win 2-1. 

Grand final

Team Secret 2-0 Viperio 86

Secret rode a 7-5 scoreline to victory on the first map, Chalet, and secured an overtime victory on Coastline for a berth in the Six Invitational 2022 Closed Qualifier. 

Team Secret, cowana, Team Vitality, and the winner of the second Open Qualifier will duke it out in late Jan. to see who will take EU's final spot in the Six Invitational.