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Introducing Newcomer to SiegeGG

We're expanding our coverage while not compromising our in-depth statistical analysis and reporting.

Part of SiegeGG’s goal over the next few years is to make Rainbow Six Siege esports content more accessible to the average player. This includes, by and large, casual Rainbow Six Siege players. 

In order to bridge the gap between more casual content while also retaining our roots in every facet of Rainbow Six Siege esports, we’ve launched a new section of the site: Newcomer. 

Fundamentally, an esport is just the game itself played at the highest level. Theoretically, the esport is familiar to those at all levels of play — even if it’s a level of play they can’t mechanically achieve. But Rainbow Six is more difficult to access than most: competitive play looks nothing like the play you’d see in Quick Play, or even on the Ranked ladder at some MMRs. 

Being able to cover the esport well means covering the game itself. However, we understand that the history of this site lies mostly with in-the-weeds coverage of esports stats, news, from the grand finals of SI down to national leagues.

That’s why none of what you see on SiegeGG’s front page will change. We’re sticking to our roots. But we’re also launching a new tab for our content about Rainbow Six, the game, titled “Newcomer” after the in-game playlist.

The Newcomer section can be accessed from the navigation bar at the top, second from right.

Olivia Richman will be heading up this section. You can expect to see coverage of the game, community news, streamer news, and much more. 

“I’m really excited to help expand this section of SiegeGG’s site because it’s all about the community and its passion for Rainbow Six Siege,” Richman said. “What makes Newcomer an exciting addition to SiegeGG is that it’s all about listening to R6 fans, seeing what they care about, what they talk about, even their fan art and cosplay, and sharing this with other Rainbow Six Siege players all over the world.”

Newcomer also provides a platform for Rainbow Six Siege players looking to become more competitive. This is where you will find everything you need to know about improving at Rainbow Six Siege.

With this change, we’re excited to spread our wings and attempt to reach a new group of esports fans, while also creating more in-depth content for our hardcore fans. As always, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at an event … soon. 

Here you can check out the Newcomer section or look for it in the site's navbar!