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Phozzo steps down from beastcoast active roster

Ahead of the NA SI Qualifier, changes are being made.

Image via beastcoast

UPDATE: beastcoast has confirmed that "surf" will replace Phozzo for SI Quals. 

According to an announcement from beastcoast, Joseph "Phozzo" Eisenmann will be stepping down. 

Phozzo was a part of beastcoast since NAL Stage 1, which began in March 2021. Throughout the year, beastcoast posted poor results, going winless in Stage 2. They appeared to have pulled themselves together during Stage 3, but still finished with only two wins in the stage. 

During the 2021 NAL season, beastcoast won five games to 19 losses, good for the second-worst record in the league behind XSET. 

In a tweet, Phozzo said he would "not be competing in Rainbow 6 for the foreseeable future."

According to beastcoast's FACEIT page for the SI Open Qualifier, "surf" will take Phozzo's place on beastcoast, but FACEIT pages are not final. Time will tell whether this alleged move is made permenant at the next transfer window, which will not occur until Feb. 2022. 

The NA qualifier for the Six Invitational 2022 will commence on Dec. 4. Brackets for the tournament have not yet been drawn, but as an NAL team, it's hard to not see beastcoast being a major player as the tournament wears on. 

There will be two open qualifiers that feed into a closed qualifier with TSM FTX and Mirage. The road ahead is long, but SI qualification is still technically possible. 

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