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Where is Terrorist Hunt in Rainbow Six Siege?

The game mode has been replaced!

Fans of Rainbow Six Siege from the start fondly remember Terrorist Hunt, a game mode where players have to eliminate a set number of terrorists on a variety of maps. But you may have noticed that Rainbow Six Siege doesn't have Terrorist Hunt anywhere. 

Where is Terrorist Hunt in Rainbow Six Siege?

In Rainbow Six Siege, Terrorist Hunt has been replaced with a similar mode called Training Grounds. 

In July 2021, Rainbow Six Siege developers held a Reddit AMA where they admitted that they wanted to remove Terrorist Hunt from the game. 

“To be dead honest, we have wanted to remove [Terrorist Hunt] from the game for a while now,” Creative Director Leroy Athanassoff said at the time. “It has a lot of flaws, costs a lot to maintain, and doesn’t really fit anymore the direction we are taking with Siege.”

Athanassoff said that the game has a purpose for some players, helping them understand map layouts and weapons. For this reason, developers planned to replace the mode when it was deleted. 

What is Training Grounds?

Training Grounds is Rainbow Six Siege's version of Terrorist Hunt. It's a PvE mode that helps players learn the basic strategies and gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege. A lot of players use it as a warmup or to practice aiming. 

What is Elimination

Formerly known as Terrorist Hunt Classic, Elimination is the "normal" mode. Players will have to eliminate a set number of White Masks on the map. Players must eliminate all of the White Masks before they die or the timer runs out. 

There are three difficulty settings: 

  • Normal: 22 enemies, no time limit
  • Hard: 26 enemies, 12 minutes
  • Realistic: 30 enemies, 15 minutes

Realistic difficulty is the toughest, with White Masks spawning throughout the match instead of all at the beginning. Waves will sometimes come from outside after a set amount of kills. 

When there are three White Masks left on all difficulty levels, they will immediately learn your location and actively hunt you down.  

What is Protect Hostage

In this mode, players have to defend a civilian in a fortified area as five waves of enemies attempt to break down the walls and eliminate everyone. Each wave has an increased amount of enemies. 

Difficulty setting Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Preparation time
Normal 8 enemies 8 enemies 10 enemies 11 enemies NO ROUND 5 30 seconds
Hard 7 enemies 8 enemies 9 enemies 10 enemies 12 enemies 25 seconds
Realistic 11 enemies 9 enemies 12 enemies 12 enemies 14 enemies 25 seconds


Before the match begins, players will have the opportunity to prepare by putting up walls and getting into position. Players will have a prepare phase between each round of enemies as well. 

Defenders lose the game if they are all eliminated or the hostage dies. 

What is Extract Hostage

This game mode is different from the previous since you are now trying to extract a hostage from a random location on the map. White Masks will place the hostage in a reinforced room and then attempt to stop you from getting to the hostage. 

When the hostage is retrieved, more White Masks will spawn around that site. They will be focused on the operator that has grabbed the hostage. You'll lose if the White Masks kill the hostage or all the attackers. 

What is Disarm Bomb

There are two bombs that attacking White Masks must disarm. Your team has 60 seconds to defend the first bomb from the White Masks and then move to the second bomb, both in reinforced rooms on the map. 

When the first bomb is defused, Engineers will spawn on the map and reinforce walls around the map. 

What is a White Mask in Rainbow Six Siege?

White Masks are a terrorist organization in Rainbow Six Siege. Their motives are not made clear in the game but the faceless villains seem to be dangerous in every corner of the world. Their victims are all nationalities, religions, genders, and ages, causing Rainbow to be reinstated. 

Types of White Masks in Rainbow Six Siege

The first is an ambusher. This is the most common type of White Mask. They are found hiding behind objects, like shields, waiting to attack unsuspecting attackers. Ambushers are found in groups that are often stationary until engaged. 

Ambushers can be identified by dark grey hoodies and bright white vests. They usually have the M590A1 shotgun or the L85A2 assault rifle. 

Roamers are similar to ambushers but will leave the structure to seek out operators. They only stop moving when they have visually spotted an operator. That's when they will open fire or even throw a frag grenade. 

These White Masks often have assault rifles, like the 552 Commando or the AUG A2. They have a light grey hoodie on. 

Engineers can attack or defend. While defending, this White Mask group will set up barricades to keep attackers back. They cover rooms with barbed wire and nitro cells to slow you down. Attackers will only appear in reinforced rooms, carrying ballistic shields and an M45 MEUSOC. Engineers have on a green hoodie and a white vest. 

How do White Masks behave in Rainbow Six Siege?

White Masks often speak to each other, exchanging intel. They will also send commands to each other. White Masks will even taunt operators that are down. Depending on the game mode, White Masks will always stay on task, whether it's guarding a room, attacking a room, or taking down your team. 

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