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Ubisoft announces "Postmatch", a lo-fi album created for Siege

"Postmatch" is now available on all streaming platforms.

Ubisoft announces "Postmatch", a lo-fi album created for Siege

(Banner image: Ubisoft)

According to a press release from Ubisoft, "Postmatch", a lo-fi album created specifically with and for Siege will be available on all streaming services.

The album will be free to use for all content creators and streamers as well.

The album contains 20 tracks, and was created in conjunction with Kill Miami, JonyBeats, Rohaan, Kaze Beats, Kyle Evans, Riddle and WIZE. “This album answers the question of, ‘What does lo-fi sound like to someone living in Rainbow Six world?’," said Kill Miami in the press release. Essentially, the in-game music has been remixed with a hip-hop, lo-fi twist. The album is the first of its kind in the Siege ecosystem. 

The album was somewhat premiered at the beginning of the Sweden Major quarterfinals stream, with an image of Dokkaebi reading and having a cup of coffee set as the background, also teasing the album cover. It was also announced in the ticker that runs at the bottom of the screen during the Sweden Major.