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“[The start] showed us [how] to play in this tournament”: FURIA Esports still in the contest for a playoff spot

Despite a sloppy start at the group of death, FURIA Esports are confident in their playoff chances.

(Banner image: Ubisoft/Kiril Bashkirov)

Following a tournament-opening 8-7 win against All-American team Spacestation Gaming, FURIA Esports have been far from their best form. The Brazilians’ second match of day 1 ended with a shocking defeat to the underdogs DWG KIA, while Team Empire dismantled their attacks in Villa after FURIA were 4-1 ahead in defense. 

Despite being off to a bad start, FURIA seems to be confident in its chances. In fact, if we have a look at the Mexico Major, the eventual champions Team oNe situation was even worse after the first three games. That is exactly the example that Marlon “Twister” Mello brought up to the table in a Ubisoft-organized press conference.  

“I believe that the start was really good, it showed us how to play in this tournament. I believe we started a bit slow and not united yet to be playing in a Major championship, so we see these defeats in a good way because we can learn from it and maybe do the same as Team oNe did in the last Major,” he said. 

(Photo: Ubisoft/João Ferreira)

The group of death is far from being decided. Surprisingly, after the first three matches, DWG KIA is at the top of the standings with eight points, followed by Spacestation Gaming with just five. So, even if they just collected two points throughout the first three games, the Brazilian panthers are well alive.

FURIA’s future is still in their hands, however, no one expected the Koreans to deliver good performances. The dark horses of Mexico have joined what viewers, even experts, expected to be a three-horse race to get out of the group of death.

“Actually I believe no one expected DWG KIA [to be] so strong, they found their perfect mindset to play in Major tournaments, they surprised everyone, no one expected them to be that good,” said Twister.

Regarding FURIA’s defeat to Team Empire, the Brazilian’s praised the Russians' work. “The map is easy to play on defense, that is why we were ahead, and then we didn’t have much space to do successful attacks,” said the 18-year-old wunderkind Diogo “Fntzy” Lima. 

Now, it is time for FURIA to attempt to replicate what their fellow opponents’ Team oNe did in Mexico. It is time to put into practice everything the team has learned throughout the first three games, otherwise, the Sweden dream is over for them. 

FURIA Esports’ next game will be against Spacestation Gaming at 18:00 UTC.

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