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ICYMI - Season 7 Pro League Relegation Results

In case you missed it -- Here are the results from the Season 7 Relegations in which the bottom 2 Pro League teams played off against the top 2 Challenger League teams in each region, with the winners qualifying for the Season 8 Pro League.

ICYMI - Season 7 Pro League Relegation Results


Motiv8 Gaming vs Noble eSports

This saw the underdogs of Noble take map 1, Border, 5-3 after a series of very one-sided rounds for both teams. Map 2, Consulate, went in a very similar fashion with 4 rounds ending in a 1v3 or worse situation. Thanks to a standout performance from Yellow, who went 12-5, Motiv8 took the map 5-3, tying the series up. The tie breaker, Bank, saw a similar play by Yeti, who went 11-5, leading his team to take the map 5-2, and the series 2-1.


Counter Logic Gaming  vs Beastcoast

The second relegation in NA had Beastcoast carry out a late roster change, where they brought on the ex-Continuum player Retro to replace zz. Map 1, Clubhouse, saw Beastcoast win 3 rounds in a row to finish with a 5-2 victory. Map 2, however went in the favour of CLG, thanks to Skys’ excellent performance of 12-4. That allowed his team to go up 4-1 on Border before they eventually closed it out at 5-3. The decider map of Consulate, however, reverted back to what was seen in Map 1. Chapstick was unable to get a kill throughout the map, while his Beastcoast counterpart EvilWaffle went 8-1 to drive his team to a 5-1 map victory, winning the series 2-1.



Red Canids vs ReD DevilS e-Sports

Just like the NA matches, map 1 saw the Challenger League side take a commanding lead, as ReD DevilS took Consulate by a score of 5 to 2, propelled by an ace from SlasH. The second map Border, however, was drastically different to what had been seen in NA, with an attack dominated map leading to overtime, culminating in a 6-5 victory for ReD DevilS, promoting them to the Pro League in Season 8.


YeaH! Gaming vs Very Nice Shot e-Sports

The contrast in experience between the team that attended the Invitational and a CL team owned by a local Sushi Restaurant was shown early on in map 1. YeaH! won 4 rounds in a row on Border, and polished the map off at 5-1. Two players from VNS, Abreu and W44lk, had unfortunately only 1 kill between them. Map 2, however, was a completely different story. The underdog team held their own on a defender dominated Coastline, taking YeaH! to overtime. Helped by multiple teamkills from their opponents as well as a particularly strong showing from Abreu and Zyon, they eventually broke the defending streak and took the map 6-4. In the final map of the series, Clubhouse, the Challenger league team’s dream ended with YeaH! coming back to form, as they beat VNS 5-1 and retained their spot in the Pro League for Season 8.



Team Oplon vs I Don’t Know

I Don’t Know, the orgless British team made up of a majority of ex-pros had not lost a map all Challenger League season with only 1 going into overtime and this game was no exception. Map 1, Chalet, started with IDK storming to a 4-1 lead before slowing down and eventually taking it 5-3 despite being out fragged by the French side. Map 2 started off with 3 round victories to IDK including an ace by LeonGids on Ash and didnt slow down ending the map 5-1 and the series 2-0 keeping their unbeaten streak alive and qualifying for Pro League.


ENCE eSports vs Supremacy

As the reigning Pro League champions, and the most consistent team in Siege history, ENCE were obviously the favourites to win and retain their spot in the Pro League. However, they got off to a bad start after Supremacy broke the back-and-forth just as they hit match point, with the CL team taking Border 5-3. Map 2 was also a very contentious affair, with the defence winning 9 out of 11 rounds. ENCE, though, eventually took the map after getting to defend twice in overtime. However, these super close maps came to an end on Bank, the third map. There, Supremacy, aided by an ace by Tactics, took the map in a convincing 5-1 victory, thereby demoting the World Champions to the CL, and ensuring that Season 8 will continue to have 4 French teams in Pro League.


So the winning teams who will be in the Pro League for Season 8 are:

  • Noble eSports - Yeti, Acid, Breezy, Heavy, Rampy and Spades

  • Beastcoast - Goddess, Shlongii,  EvilWaffle, FoxA and Retro

  • ReD DevilS e-Sports - DocKy, LEV1, rdz, DrunkKKzZZ, slasH-

  • YeaH! Gaming - yoona, Revo1Tz, gCR, SpawNsss, fk1

  • I Don’t Know - meepeY, Elemzje, Ferral, Lacky, LeonGids, sTiZze

  • Supremacy - Alive, AnthraX, Tactiss, DjuZ, KrisKo, KSiiX


We wish them luck going into the next season of Pro League!