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Is Rainbow 6 Siege crossplay?

Crossplay is wildly popular, is it in 'Rainbow Six Siege'?

Is Rainbow 6 Siege crossplay?

As Ubisoft announced on the 12th of June, crossplay is already a reality in ‘Siege’.  However, not for everyone as of yet.

In June’s announcement, Ubisoft explained that crossplay and cross-progression would be available between PC, Stadia, and Luna from the 30th of June.

It will not be until 2022 when the most awaited change is confirmed, as crossplay will be available between PlayStation and XBOX, with cross-progression being able for all platforms. 

Cross-progression is a very positive addition to the game, as many people -- even professional players -- played ‘Siege’ for the first time on console, having many skins or charms there that cannot be purchased anymore.

This will give these users the chance to use their old account in their current platform.

In terms of crossplay, this also marks a new era in console ‘Siege’, as this has been a change that casual players have been asking for for years. However, something is clear: it will not be possible between PC and consoles.

Although there is no clear answer for why PC has not been included in crossplay, it is probably because mouse and keyboard (MnK) users usually have an advantage over controller players -- as they have features that PlayStation and XBOX cannot offer, such as the ability to lean without the need of aiming.