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Final BR6 weekend to decide last Copa Elite Six spot between MIBR and Black Dragons

With the BR6 coming to a close this weekend, we have a look at the last two squads in the race for a CES spot, MIBR and Black Dragons.

Banner image: Ubisoft/Kirill. Bashkirov

Following the Week 4 four results, MIBR are currently in sixth place with 32 points, closely followed by Black Dragons, who are in seventh with 31. 

It is ridiculous to think that after 24 play days, both teams are still in the fight for a spot at the Stage 3 Copa Elite Six. Let’s have a look at what has been a season of fine margins, as the squads head to the very last weekend of action with everything at stake, including a possible spot at the SI 2022. 

Head-to-head record benefits MIBR

The matches between both sides have been very one-sided, as MIBR won two games by 7-1 and 7-3, while BD won one by 7-1. 

These results are what put MIBR above their opponents in the standings. These would also be the determinant factor in case of a draw in the standings by the end of the weekend. 

Black Dragons’ resurgence in Stage 2

The BR6’s second split is the main reason why these two teams are so close in the standings at the end of the season. 

Stage 2 saw MIBR struggle as Felipe “FelipoX” De Lucia’s shoulder injury forced him to play with a controller. Due to his medical condition, the player could only play five maps, with the team’s coach Matheus “Budega” Figueiredo stepping in on four occasions. Among that chaos, the roster could only earn four points throughout the second split. 

Meanwhile, Black Dragons’ 14 points saw them climb the standings and overtake MIBR in the very last weekend of action, whom they crushed 7-1.

Signing Vitor “peres” Peres and Pablo “resetz” Oliveira just before the start of the split was also pivotal for the side, with the latest joining Team Liquid for Stage 3.  

Black Dragons and MIBR overtime struggles 

Overtimes have played a huge role in this fight. Looking at the numbers, MIBR are the team with the lowest number of overtimes played throughout the season, with just two. However, all of these ended with 8-7 score lines after MIBR failed to close out the matches in 12 rounds -- which meant that the squad went from adding six points to adding just two.

Black Dragons’ stats in this area are even more meaningful, as the roster has played six overtimes throughout the season. In five of them, the team was ahead after the conclusion of the 11th round. However, they only won three and lost two, that means that the team earned eight points -- when they could have earned 15. 

Three days, three opponents remaining

Looking at the schedule for this weekend, we could say that both teams have similar opposition. 

MIBR’s schedule is slightly different though, as the team will play two matches on Friday and the final one on Sunday. Meanwhile, Black Dragons will play one game on each day of the final BR6 game-week.

The following games will decide everything:


  • MIBR vs FURIA Esports - 1pm BRT (UTC +5)
  • Black Dragons vs Team Liquid - 2pm BRT (UTC +5)
  • MIBR vs Santos e-Sports - 4pm BRT (UTC +5)


  • Black Dragons vs Santos e-Sports - 2pm BRT (UTC +5)


  • MIBR vs Ninjas in Pyjamas - 3pm BRT (UTC +5)
  • Black Dragons vs Team oNe - 4pm BRT (UTC +5)

As both teams will face the ninth placed team Santos e-Sports over the weekend, the difference will emerge from their other two foes. MIBR will face one of the sides that have impressed the most throughout Stage 3, FURIA Esports, while their final match will be against the SI 2021 champions NiP, who are far removed from their best selves. 

Meanwhile, Black Dragons will face Pablo “resetz” Oliveira’s Team Liquid and the Mexico Major champions Team oNe. Although it looks like a very demanding schedule, Black Dragons have won against Team oNe in their previous two BR6 meetings (7-2 and 8-6), while they defeated Team Liquid in Stage 1 (8-7) before also losing to them by a fine margin (5-7) in Stage 2. 

The Copa Elite Six Stage 3 group stage draw will be held after the conclusion of the last BR6 match on the 10th of October between Team Liquid and Santos e-Sports, which will start at 5pm BRT (+7 UTC).