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Team Secret signs Kendrew after dropping Hife

The former NAVI and Cowana player Luke Kendrew will continue to play in the EUL with Team Secret.

Following a fairly public exit from Cowana Gaming back in July, Luke Kendrew has rejoined the European League ahead of Stage 3 with Team Secret.

Since qualifying for the EU League last year, Team Secret has finished the four stages in ninth, sixth, tenth, and eighth place. 

Due to these poor finishes, the roster has made a total of seven roster changes over the past year, with Vincent "Hife" Finkenwirth having been the last player from the original roster to have left the team.

Kendrew now joins as one of the most experienced players on the team, having previously won the ESL Pro League title in Season 10 and having attended both SI 2020 and the very first EU League Finals on the Natus Vincere roster.

Kendrew had joined Cowana Gaming after being dropped from NAVI. There, following a seventh-place finish, he had been dropped once more in a move that he described as Cowana’s attempt to use him “as a scapegoat for a bad split".

Now with his signing with Team Secret, the roster has transitioned from a German-majority to a UKIN-majority in the space of four months. The team will now aim to avoid a relegation fight later this year with the following roster:

Peter "pacbull" Bull
Luke "Kendrew" Kendrew
Alex "SlebbeN" Nordlund
Santino "Gomfi" Meulenaere
Keenan "Keenan" Dunne
William "Titan" Davie (Coach)
Josh "Sleepy" Franks (Analyst)