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Campeonato Mexicano leader Atheris Esports switches to Brazilian-majority with Bersa signing

The Brazilian signed for the Mexican organization after leaving SG e-sports.

The leading Mexican lineup of Atheris Esports has picked up the ex-FURIA player of Victor Hugo "Bersa" Bruschini to replace Six Karma-bound Luís "Navy" García.

The newly formed Atheris Esports roster gained a lot of attention when it came together in March of this year due to the acquisition of two very well known Brazilian ex-MIBR players of MKing and Novys making them the first big names to enter the Mexican scene and first Brazilian players to leave the Brazilian scene.

In the two stages since, Atheris finished the domestic Mexican Championship tournament in second and then first place, while the regional Elite Six Cup saw it finish in sixth and then last place.

In the hopes to remedy this, Atheris has now made its first change since March to bring in a third Brazilian player, Novys’ former teammate Bersa. He will replace Navy, who was Atheris’ best performer during the Campeonato Mexicano Stage 2 but also the worst at the Elite Six Cup.

Atheris Esports is currently in 30th in the Global Standings with 180 SI Points after its strong performance in the Stage 1 Copa Elite Six, but had failed to accrue any points in Stage 2. 

The Atheris statistics from Stage 2 of the Elite Six Cup.

Bersa made his top-flight debut with FURIA Esports back in 2020. After a rough season where the team finished at the bottom of the standings, the Brazilian roster clinched a SI 2021 ticket after winning the SI 2021 LATAM Closed Qualifier.

Bersa left the team shortly before the 2021 season started and has since competed in various Liga Six Cups for Black Dragons Academy and SG e-sports. His most notable appearance was earlier this month, as he competed at the Copa do Brasil, where his team was knocked out by the Brasileirão squad of INTZ. 

Bersa will make his debut with Atheris Esports against Fenix Esports on the 12th of September at 7 PM CDT (UTC+5) in a match that might prove the difference between the two Mexican leaders. 

Daniel "Novys" Novy
Lucca "MKing" Coser
Victor Hugo "Bersa" Bruschini
Christopher "SkMzY" Espinosa
Luis "Guicho" Gomez
Francisco "Royz" Guillén (coach)
Emerich "GOKU" Lozano (assistant coach)