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XSET announces Prod as fourth member of 'R6' roster

Prod will play support for the third stage of NAL.

XSET has officially announced Christian "Prod" Gauch as the fourth member of its "Rainbow Six Siege" roster. 

Prod is a long-time NA Challenger League participant who was most recently with Org-less, who finished third in NACL Stage 2 2021 after forfeiting the final match of the playoffs against Nokturns. 

He also played for NA CL teams PogChamp, Akatsuki, and Organized Chaos, and never finished outside of the top four in CL. He will play support for XSET. 

XSET is coming off a rough NAL Stage 2. The team finished above dead last in the league, but just barely at eighth. It won two games during the stage: a regulation victory over Mirage and an overtime victory over beastcoast. 

Prod said he and XSET understand a rebuild will take time in an interview with SiegeGG. In addition, he feels he brings chemistry and clean communication to the squad.

"I really think chemistry and vibes are super underrated in teams," Prod said. "...I think you got to bring on a positive attitude and be open to other people's attitudes and what they're doing to get a vibe with one another."

The NAL is set to return in September following the close of the transfer window.

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