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GSA League Day 11: SSP Beats G2 to Extend Lead, GC Pushes PENTA into Relegation Zone

With just three weeks of competition remaining, much can still change in the exciting GSA League. Keep on reading to find out what happened in the 11th day of play.

GSA League Day 11: SSP Beats G2 to Extend Lead, GC Pushes PENTA into Relegation Zone

As we get closer to the conclusion of the regular season, every point counts. This past week delivered some unexpected results that have tightened up the standings and no team will be satisfied with where it is placed.

Keep on reading to find out everything that occurred during the 11th day of play of the GSA League 2021.

Team Secret 8-7 Rogue

We might be near the end of the group stage of the GSA, but these two European League teams are still fighting to secure that Top 4 spot. With Rogue in fourth and Secret four points behind in fifth, this game could be the final difference. 

The day did not start well for Secret fans, as the organisation announced that its coach, Titan, would be standing-in for Keenan.

Despite the setback, Secret shocked everyone with a very good performance. In fact, the British coach was Secret’s highest rated player, as he pulled off a clutch in the very last round of the map to give Secret a win in overtime. 

In terms of stats, only Titan stood out amongst the Secret players, while Korey and Cryn produced two very solid performances that were, unfortunately for them, in vain.


Sissi State Punks 7-4 G2 Esports

With SSP leading the standings by just one point over G2 Esports, the result of this game was set to give a significant advantage to one of these teams. 

And, as expected, the match was electric. The German roster of SSP completely dominated the game in the first half, winning every one of its six offensive rounds. After securing not one, not two, but three clutches and five defuser plants, SSP were on match point after a flawless first half.

It was G2’s turn now to try and force overtime. While Virtue’s clutch on Round 10 kept the European League roster alive, it was not for long as Gisela went berserk in the following round, securing four kills.

GC Esport 8-6 Ovation eSports

While the previous two matches had been pivotal to decide the top of the standings, the following game would have a huge impact on the relegation zone.

With GC Esport two points behind PENTA in sixth place, they were eager to shoot up into a playoff position. However, they were not the only side desperate for a win, as Ovation eSports was seven points off of safety.

The game was so close that overtime was needed, but Qurly stole the show there as his six kills in the last final rounds were pivotal to give GC Esport two very-well deserved points.

Team GoSkilla 7-3 PENTA Sports

However, GC’s efforts would have not impacted the standings had PENTA secured a win against Team GoSkilla. Luckily for them, that was not the case.

Team GoSkilla completely dominated the match, as they won five of their six attacks on Oregon. Not willing to give any chances to their opponents, they then quickly secured the three points, dishing out a 3-7 loss to PENTA.

Many people had thought that Solotov’s absence in the middle of the season would kill GoSkilla’s hopes to finish in the Top 4. However, Turqo has completely changed the dynamic of the roster and now averages an overall rating of 1.45 after three games played. 

Against PENTA, the rating was even higher, as he led his team with 12 kills and a rating of 1.56.

What's Next?

With just three more play days left, every mistake will have a huge impact on the standings. 

Team Secret and Ovation eSports will face off in a game where both teams desperately need the points. While Secret needs the win to break into the Top 4, Ovation must win or they may end up locked in to finish in the relegation zone. 

After that, G2 Esports and GoSkilla will play to confirm their Top 4 finish. With both sides tied for second place with 21 points, this game will also have an important impact in the seeding order. 

The day will finish with the two Top 4 teams remaining facing PENTA and GC Esport, rosters that are desperately looking to avoid that seventh place. While Rogue will battle against the Germans of GC Esport, SSP will play versus the Turks of PENTA.