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TrainHard Esport Shuts Down Operations, R6 Roster Granted Exceptional Permission to Continue as 'unKnights'

After the French organisation of TrainHard closed its doors, Ubisoft has granted its former roster exceptional permission to continue playing in Stage 2 of the EUL.

TrainHard Esport Shuts Down Operations, R6 Roster Granted Exceptional Permission to Continue as 'unKnights'

Update 2 (July 5th):

The former TrainHard Esport roster has been exceptionally granted permission to continue to play in the remainder of Stage 2 under the 'org-less' name of unKnights.

This comes after multiple attempts from Ubisoft to contact the TrainHard organisation regarding the transfer of the competitive license to another organisation.

The unKnights name had last featured in Season 5 of the former ESL Pro League, with the former TrainHard players Christophe "Chaoxys" Soares and Valentin "Voy" Cheron also having been on that French roster.

As a result, the unKnights name will feature in the top-flight in Europe once again after a hiatus of four years.

Update 1 (June 28th):

The ex-TrainHard roster was allowed to play their match against Na'Vi without the org behind them. They lost against Na'Vi, 7-2. Their next game is in the 6 French League -- a tournament that also requires an org -- on Wednesday against Vitality.

Initial article (June 28th):

The TrainHard Esport organisation has announced the end of its operations "due to economic reasons", just ahead of its Rainbow Six: Siege team's game against Na'Vi tonight at 11 PM CEST (UTC+2).

It is currently unknown what this means for the Siege roster and if it will be allowed to continue in Stage 2 of the European League without an organisation.

The TrainHard organisation only joined the EU League back in March 2021 when it took up the spot left by Tempra Esports' unexpected exit from the scene.

With this spot, it kept the initial players of BlaZ and NoerA and picked up Chaoxys and Dirza from the old Tempra roster. Since then, Voy has also joined, recreating the 2020 Tempra core lineup.

Now, after finishing Stage 1 in eighth, winning the 6 Open Cup French national tournament, and sitting with three points across their opening two games, TrainHard has announced that the organisation is closing its doors.

This has seemingly left the players without an organisation and possibly without an EU League license for the second time this year.

In prior situations when an organisation left without selling the team to a new organisation, the roster lost its spot and a new organisation took over in the next stage.

This has, however, never happened during an ongoing stage and under such short circumstances, as the players seemingly only found out last night.

Check back here for updates as the story unfolds.