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GC Esport Manager Sebi: "Our goal is clear -- follow up on our first win and bring some more points home"

As the GSA League 2021 progresses, SiegeGG spoke to GC Esport Manager Sebi to find out more about this new team and its campaign.

GC Esport Manager Sebi: "Our goal is clear -- follow up on our first win and bring some more points home"

Previously known as Project Unknown, the GC Esport team ascended to the GSA League after surviving the Relegations. It was after confirming their promotion that GC Esport signed this roster.

But it has not been a pleasant start for the team, to say the least. After the conclusion of the first leg, GC Esport are at the bottom of the table with just four points.

Nevertheless, the team kicked things off promisingly after falling to PENTA by a close margin (5-7) and a losing to G2 Esports in overtime, which was decided after a clutch by Virtue in the 15th and final possible round.

From there, it was just downhill for GC. The team hit rock bottom after losing to Ovation, their main opposition in the fight to avoid relegation, after conceding five rounds in the second half of the match.

It was then that the roster introduced Jay and Qurly. 

After two disappointing performances against Rogue and Sissi State Punks, the team has shown signs of improvement, securing its first win of the season against Team GoSkilla last week. 

Furthermore, GC is well alive in the European Challenger League Open Qualifiers after accumulating 60 points across the first two qualifiers.

SiegeGG spoke to its manager, Sebastian "Sebi" Kager, to find out more about this team, its goals, and its situation in the GSA League 2021.

Hello! To start, tell us more about the GC Esport team and its history.

We, as GC Esport, started our journey on PC about a year ago. In our first step, we took the opportunity to bring the best German Xbox team to the PCcompetitive scene.

This team was able to play the GSA Qualifications in 2020 and showed its potential. Unfortunately, after a couple months, some players retired from Rainbow Six.

We had to find a solution for our active players, so we had some good conversations with the guys from ‘’Bear Clan’’. We combined the teams and let this new GC team show their strength. Then, we competed in the Ascension League and ebattle Champion Series.

But after only one season, the guys from Bear Clan retired and we were in the same position of finding a new team.

Fortunately, the GSA Qualifications for 2021 were played during this period and we had a chance to look after some teams. One of them was ‘’Project Unknown’’.

They had a really good performance during the GSA qualifiers and were successful. So, we stepped up to them and had good conversations, so we signed them for our new active lineup.

How would you describe your goals here in the GSA League (and elsewhere)? Is Challenger League qualification possible this season?

Our goal is clear -- follow up on our first win and bring some more points home so we can cause some trouble this season and show why we qualified for the GSA League. We compete as well in the eBattle Series and want to get to first place, which is where we’re at the moment.

Challenger League is still a big focus for our team and we’re aiming for that and put a lot of work in the preparation.

Your team has not exactly had the easiest time in the GSA, with the first win only coming last week. What has been going wrong and how is the team working on fixing it?

We are a new team with five 'individual' players and have that play style. Also, we have had a roster change which added two new players to the active lineup.

The new lineup is even stronger now and we’re working hard to adapt our gameplay and map pool.

Despite the lack of wins and being in last place, your team managed to push PENTA to Round 12 and G2 Esports to Round 15. What went right in those games and how does one turn that into consistency?


Our mindset was the key. It was at the absolute best. I think in those games we showed our strength well. We need to practice even more to get more consistent.

The GSA season is an incredibly long one, which tests each team’s consistency and endurance. How is your team planning to tackle it?

Absolutely, we work hard stay to focused and always give our 100%. After our first win, we’re even more hyped and we want to push ourself forward. We are going to adjust our preparation for coming games and we aim for more points.

Is there anything you or your players would like to say to your fans?

We want to say thank you to all our fans out there who support us every time in the chat. We appreciate all your support and we want to entertain all of you.


Catch GC Esport next during the eighth play day of the 2021 GSA League, when they take on PENTA on the 24th of June at 10:45 PM CEST (UTC+2).