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Project Eris Women's League Details Revealed

The newly unveiled Project Eris tournament today unveiled further details concerning its format, schedule, and prize pool.

Project Eris Women's League Details Revealed

As announced three weeks ago, following the end of the CCSW League in July, August will see a second Women-only tournament in North America titled "Project Eris". 

This tournament is being spearheaded by Kyndal "Astraea" Brizendine and the EUL and APAC North caster of Jessica "Jess" Bolden following the latter's rather public split from the CCSW tournament.

This tournament also involves partnerships with a number of other companies, including the NA Challenger League organisation of SH Esports.

Now, seven weeks before the tournament is set to begin, a full set of details have been unveiled by Project Eris about their debut season:

Format & Schedule

The league will kick off on Thursday the 5th of August and run in a round-robin format group stage for the next 8-12 weeks depending on the number of teams involved.

This means that the league will run through the August Major and into Year 6 Season 3, making it the biggest women's tournament outside of Brazil to date.

Signups for the league will go live on Monday.

Prize Pool

While the CCS Women's League offers merchandise from sponsors, such as headsets and keyboards as the prize pool, Project Eris will offer a monetary prize which currently sits at $3,100.

This number comes from SH, Jess, and a third unannounced investor, with the exact split currently unconfirmed.

As well as this, the following prizes from Razer and InkFingers will also be awarded:

  • 1st place -- Keyboards, mice, mousemats, headsets, and a InkFingers merch pack worth $1,000
  • 2nd place -- Keyboard and mice
  • 3rd place -- Mice

While the other three regions have many larger tournaments than this, the $3,100 prize pool makes this one of the biggest lower-tier tournaments in North America, even surpassing the CCS Season 5 tournament, which sat at a $2,000 net pool.


Also launched this week was a pretty large merchandise range for Project Eris via InkFingers, which includes shirts, hoodies, caps, and beanies.

Until the end of the month, all pre-orders are also 15% off.

CCS Women's League

Project Eris will likely include many of the same teams we see competing in NA's ongoing CCSW tournament. This, as well as the EU bracket, will continue to run every Tuesday and Thursday respectively until the grand-final during the final week of July.

So far, in both leagues, just the opening quarter-finals have taken place, with Disrupt Gaming Female having a really strong opening day in NA, while Team QUEEN (which includes the Rogue streamer of Kitty) won its opening day games 7-0 and 7-4.

With Project Eris not kicking off for another month and a half, it'll likely be a while until we hear more details -- including their unannounced third partner -- come from them.

Until then CCSW is running weekly, which SiegeGG will cover closer to its finale.