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PENTA Coach Bugs: "[Top 4] is where we intend to be, come the end of the (GSA) season"

As the GSA League 2021 season progresses, SiegeGG spoke to PENTA management and coach to find out more about this new team and its campaign.

The PENTA of today is very different from the PENTA that most Rainbow Six fans will be familiar with.
That PENTA had won two Pro League titles and a Six Invitational, before eventually losing its team to G2 Esports. Soon after, the German organisation would sign a largely French-speaking Mock-it roster that would go through many iterations before being released after a second failed EUL promotion attempt at the end of 2020.
In early 2021, PENTA would then sign the WhiteTigerZ roster in somewhat of a surprising move, given that it was neither French, nor German, but a mix of nationalities that would eventually turn into a Turkish-majority team.

While being a Turkish team by players, the PENTA organisation's Berlin headquarters meant that it would be invited to the GSA League in 2021, which started on the 9th of April this year.

So far, PENTA has been unimpressive if going simply by the league table. It is in sixth place with nine points, which is seven adrift of league leaders G2 Esports.
But of its five losses in total, three had been in overtime, and two of those had been in maximum overtime to G2 Esports and Rogue. Not bad at all for a roster that is not even in the Challenger League yet.
SiegeGG spoke to PENTA management, as well as its coach Declan "Bugs" McWilliams to find out more about this team and its GSA 2021 campaign.
It has been some time since we last spoke, which was with the old French roster. What made you opt to sign this Turkish roster and what are its goals right now?
PENTA Management: After parting with the French roster, we have decided that our main priority would be to get a team that would represent us in the GSA League.
We've been tracking the process of "WhiteTigerz" and we realized they're a team with plenty of potentials. Even though the roster has changed a couple of players along the way, we are certain the team is on the right path and the games in the GSA league so far have been showing that.
Our main goal would be to qualify for the Challenger League and move one step at a time from there.

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