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#7 Player of Year 5: BriD

The world's best pure support player earns the seventh place on the list after a year at the top of the European region.

BDS was one of the strongest teams throughout the year, led by an unlikely star. Their top-performing player was not Shaiiko, last year's number one player and consistent star fragger, but BriD, who quietly had one of the best years ever from a support player. 

Stage 1 2020 put BriD on the radar of many fans. Previously a journeyman player in Vitality who had some bright moments but was often saddled with poor team performance, BriD was unleashed upon Europe after joining BDS.

Despite maining Thermite and Smoke, often a position in which fragging is not expected, BriD managed to top the EUL Stage 1 player Rating charts with a 1.23, ahead of many teams' traditional star players. 

BDS was able to win the regional August Major that season, with BriD leading the event in KOST percentage and making key contributions in critical rounds. 

Tournament Rating K-D (+/-)
EUL 2020 Stage 1 1.23 70-50 (+20)
August EU Major 1.06 70-63 (+7)
EUL 2020 Stage 2 1.13 58-44 (+14)
November EU Major 0.99 63-77 (-14)
EUL Finals 1.08 44-52 (-8)
EUL 2021 Stage 1 1.05 62-63 (-1)
Six Invitational 2021 1.09 135-123 (+12)

BriD managed to keep up a series of solid performances through the rest of the year, though he did not reach the highs that he was able to achieve in Stage 1 of 2020. Importantly, despite a negative K-D on several occasions, he was still able to manage a positive rating, on account of his impressive KOST, Clutching, and Planting statistics, all of which he was among the best in throughout the whole year. 

At the Six Invitational, BDS entered as one of the favorites. While the team ended up not reaching those lofty expectations, BriD was able to hold up his end of the bargain as BDS' top-rated player throughout the entire event. He also achieved a mind-boggling feat: 34 plants in just 18 maps played (1.89 per map), the most plants ever by an individual at an event.  

BDS continues to be one of the top teams in Europe, in large part anchored by BriD's exceptional support play. If he can keep his form, the team is sure to retain contender status in future Majors and at the Six Invitational 2022. 

The above is number seven in our Top Players Year 5 series. Click here to view all of the awards, the announcement schedule, and their winners. Check back in each day for new awards to be announced! 

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