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#8 Player of Year 5: Hyper

DarkZero's star player comes in at number eight on our list after consistently topping the NA leaderboards all year.

Hyper has long been one of the very best players in North America. Since joining DarkZero in 2019, he has made the team a force to be reckoned with in both domestic and international competitions. In Year 5, he was able to take his play to new highs, and in doing so earns the number eight position on our Top Ten list. This marks an improvement from last year, where he was unable to make the list but still managed to secure an Honorable Mention

Hyper began the year firing on all cylinders and was the top-rated player through Stage 1 of the NAL. This form continued through the Major Qualifier and the August Major itself, through all three of which Hyper was able to accumulate a +62 differential, the highest of any player in the region. 

Additionally, DarkZero was able to finally close out a tournament and bring home the organization's first championship since joining Rainbow Six, with Hyper being a critical piece of the team's efforts throughout the cycle. 

Tournament Rating K-D (+/-)
NAL 2020 Stage 1 1.33 98-68 (+30)
August NA Major Quals 1.27 63-42 (+21)
August NA Major 1.13 54-43 (+11)
NAL 2020 Stage 2 1.16 108-80 (+28)
November NA Major 1.20 85-59 (+26)
US Division Finals 0.99 57-55 (+2)
NAL 2021 Stage 1 1.02 71-70 (+1)
Six Invitational 2021 1.08 107-94 (+13)

Hyper would continue his strong form through Stage 2 and the November major, though Darkzero's form as a team would slip and they would achieve just third place. 

One place Hyper truly stood out this year compared to other high-fragging stars is his ability to Clutch. His 0.22 clutches per map ranks 15th in the world among eligible players, but this figure is well ahead of many other entry fragging style players who often die early in rounds. 

You can see one of his best clutches of the year below. A 1v4 on attack to keep his team alive against Spacestation Gaming. 

Hyper's play this year has been exemplary, and going into Year 6 DarkZero have revamped their roster with the departures of Mint and Skys. Will Hyper be able to keep his form in the new system, and remain one of the best players in the world?

The above is number eight in our Top Players Year 5 series. Click here to view all of the awards, the announcement schedule, and their winners. Check back in each day for new awards to be announced!