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Team oNe Announces New Lineup: Lagonis, KDS, Alem4o, Levy, and Neskin

After selling its roster to MIBR, oNe has formed a new team made of players from FaZe, INTZ, BD, and Singularity.

Team oNe Announces New Lineup: Lagonis, KDS, Alem4o, Levy, and Neskin

With their prior roster exiting to join MIBR, Team oNe eSports has acquired their third distinct R6S lineup to date which collects a number of free agents from across the BR6 League as well as two of the top players from the BR Challenger League.

Team oNe had a very successful year as they qualified for both Regional Majors, ended the regular season of the BR6 League in first place, and qualified for their first international event in the Six Invitational.

Now, however, the roster has exited to join MIBR for the 2021 Season forcing oNe to pick up a much less decorated team of Lagonis from Black Dragons, KDS from FaZe Clan, Alem4o from INTZ, and the two Singularity players of Levy and Neskin.

The best known out of these five is definitely Lorenzo "Lagonis" Volpi who, as well as playing on Black Dragons throughout 2020, finishing Season 11 in sixth and the BR6 Season in eighth, is also a very accomplished streamer with 170k Twitch followers and an in-game charm.

Eduardo "KDS" Santos, meanwhile only shot to fame when he joined FaZe in September making him a very new player to the BR6. Prior to this, he played on Singularity during Pro League Season 11 and the BR6b qualifiers, the latter of which was alongside his new teammate of Levy.

The last player joining from another pro-tier team is Karl "Alem4o" Zarth who, despite being the best-rated player on INTZ during both Stages, has exited this team to join oNe. While on INTZ the team sat in the mid-table for the entirety of 2020 before just missing out on the Six Invitational after losing to the Mexican team of Estral Esports.

The three new Team oNe players during the second half of 2020.

Finally, joining these three are two of the top players from the BR6b 2020 tournament in Juliano "Levy" Andrade dos Santos Benos and Caio "Neskin" Hiroshi Szazi. These players both finished fourth during the BR6b tournament on Singularity while Levy also competed during Pro League Seasons 8 and 10 on Black Dragons and Elevate, being relegated in both seasons.

The stats of INTZ's two new Challenger League pickups from the BR6b 2020 tournament

These five players are almost certainly a downgrade from the roster they're replacing with them likely to be near the bottom of the BR6 table rather than leading it. Nevertheless, they will take up oNe's Six Invitational spot in May in what amounts to the first international event for all five of them. 

Finally, joining as support staff is Arthur "TchubZ" Martins from FURIA Esports and "RafadeLL", the previous coach of FURIA Academy. 

To summarise, here's how the BR6 roster changes stand at the moment:

  • Team oNe roster --> MIBR
  • 4/5ths of MIBR roster --> FaZe, joins Astro
  • 3/5th of FaZe roster --> Black Dragons, joins Hugzord and Patoxy
  • Team oNe picks up players from FaZe, BD, INTZ, and SNG
  • Santos roster dropped
  • FURIA drops two players
  • W7M and INTZ drop one player each

And so, when the 2020 Season kicks off in two weeks time, oNe's roster will look as follows:

Lorenzo "Lagonis" Volpi
Eduardo "KDS" Santos
Karl "Alem4o" Zarth
Juliano "Levy" Andrade dos Santos Benos
Caio "Neskin" Hiroshi Szazi
Arthur "TchubZ" Martins (coach)
"RafadeLL" (analyst)