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NA Transfers: Nov-May 2021 - Mark Leaves Disrupt Gaming

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the US and Canadian Division of the NA League, as well as the US Division of the Challenger League since the end of Stage 2!

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window post-Stage 2,  this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the APACLATAM, and EU threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far

US Division:

  • DarkZero Esports - Hotancold released, NJR added
  • Oxygen Esports - Slashug land b1ologic released, Yoggah and Kyno Joins
  • Tempo Storm -- Roster leaves org, team loses NAL spot
  • eUnited -- Roster leaves org, team loses NAL spot, Alphama leaves
  • Susquehanna Soniqs -- SlebbeN, Gomfi, Iconic, and Easilyy benched, Easilyy retires, Dream and Creators decided against for new-look roster with Gryxr and Rexen
  • Disrupt Gaming - Read and njr leave, Iconic and MarktheShark join, EvlWaffle leaves, Mark leaves
  • beastcoast -- Joins NAL
  • XSET - Joins NAL, picks up Butterzz, Creators, Drip, Filthy, Tomas and Brycer
  • Spacestation Gaming - Canadian retires, Luke to stand in, DrewSpark signed

CA Division:

  • Merged into US Division
  • Mirage -- Forceful leaves, imp and devpetm leaves, zilchy and Silent leave, org joins NAL, Flynn moves to team manager
  • Altiora -- Okward1HP joins as an analyst, Yurii leaves, meepeY joins, new roster joins NAL
  • LiViD Gaming -- Nyx, Cabal and Valor joins, Zigalo, RowdyOwly and Hiperzz leave, Valorr leaves, Bryan leaves
  • Nordik Esports -- Skvz, S4, Bosak and LakQi dropped, roster disbands as org ceases operations

Roster Changes

May 4th: Mark Leaves Disrupt Gaming

After joining Disrupt in March to replace njr, the ex-Reciprocity and Tempo Storm player of Mark "Mark" Arismendez has now left the team.

March 27th: EvlWaffle Leaves Disrupt Gaming

The long-time player for Disrupt in Jeffrey "EvlWaffle" Haworth has left the org almost three years after initially joining the team and nine months after moving to a coaching position on the roster. 

Waffle previously qualified for the Pro League on beastcoast's initial lineup alongside FoxA, Goddess, Retro, and Shlongii before very briefly joining SK Gaming (now known as DarkZero) and then moving to Disrupt for Season 9 of the Challenger League. Waffle finished third that season before leaving Disrupt and retiring from R6 a few months later.

Almost a year later Waffle came out of retirement to rejoin Disrupt in the 2020 NAL Season as their coach. In the nine months since Disrupt finished Stage one and two of the 2020 Season in seventh and fifth and most recently won the DZ/NSG Pro-Am tournament a few weeks ago. 

Now, following a 7-5 defeat against the Soniqs in DG's opening 2021 Season game, Waffle has once again left DG. It is currently unknown if a replacement for Waffle has been determined or what Waffle plans on doing next.

March 15th: Spacestation Gaming Signs DrewSpark as Analyst

Spacestation Gaming has signed former eUnited analyst Drew "DrewSpark" Sparks-Whitworth to bolster its ranks. This comes after its original Luke "Luke" Slota was forced to stand in for now-retired Troy "Canadian" Jaroslawski for Stage 1 of the 2020 season and assistant coach Zachary "Sov" Sites will be reducing his involvement with the team after securing another job.

March 10th: MarktheShark Joins Disrupt Gaming

Former Team Reciprocity player has officially joined Disrupt Gaming, completing the NAL team's roster for 2021.

March 3rd: Iconic Joins Disrupt Gaming

Today Disrupt Gaming has officially announced that former Soniqs player Iconic has joined Disrupt gaming. Iconic was a breakout star as a rookie last year, being the highest-rated player on the Soniqs roster and among the top performers in the NAL. This change has been rumored for some time, and now Disrupt only needs one more player to complete their roster for 2021. 

February 27th: Yoggah Joins Oxygen Esports

The two ex-Challenger League players of Evan "Yoggah"  Nelson and Leo "Kyno" Figueiredo have joined Oxygen Esports.

Yoggah initially was crowned the Season 3 CCS champion and defeated Evil Geniuses alongside DotDash, Hyper, and Beaulo at DreamHack Austin before finishing in fourth place. Since then he has competed in the Challenger League most recently with Ape during Stage 2 2020 where he finished in sixth.

Kyno, meanwhile, competed on The Favelas during the 2020 Season finishing in fifth in both Stages. 

They now make the jump into the main NAL tournament to replace b1ologic and Slashug in Oxygen Esports. Their debut will be on March 24th when the nine-team NAL tournament kicks off.

February 26th: Slashug and b1ologic Released from Oxygen Esports

After third and fourth place finishes throughout 2020, Spencer "Slashug" Oliver and Khalil "b1ologic" Pleas have been released from Oxygen Esports.

Slashug previously played on teams such as Most Wanted, eRa, Continuum, Rogue, and LG before joining the Reciprocity roster, later known as Oxygen, in March last year. Across this time he attended the 2017, 2018, and 2019 Six Invitationals, the Season 3, 5, 7, and 8 Pro League Finals, and won titles at both the 2018 US Nationals and 2019 DreamHack Valencia Minor. 

B1ologic meanwhile won the Challenger League twice before playing in the Pro League and the Raleigh Major on TSM. 

Since both of these players joined Oxygen at the beginning of the 2020 Season, Oxygen finished both Stages in third and both Regional Majors in fourth before a final joint third finish at the US Finals in January capped off their year.  

Slashug now leaves Oxygen as one of the most experienced free agents in the world and with b1ologic also gone leaves open the window of the IGL. Oxygen still has a number of weeks to announce their replacements before the 2021 Season kicks off.


February 24rd: DarkZero Picks Up NJR

In another surprise move Darkzero announced Hotancold's replacement - Nick "njr" Rapier from Disrupt Gaming. 

After an impressive rookie year with Disrupt in which he often far outpaced the performance of his teammates, NJR has now joined a DarkZero roster where he will no longer be the focal point of the team. He and Hyper should form a formidable entry duo - though a clear question for DZ will be which player steps up to fill the supporting hard breach and anchor roles that Hotancold has vacated.

The team's coach BC said similarly in a twitter statement released: 

DarkZero has always been about building a world-class competitive program. Our mission is to deliver exceptional performances that win championships - we owe it to ourselves and more importantly to our fans. At this level, every team is great, every player is an all-star, and every trophy is in reach. However with competition this tough, constructing a team of such caliber is delicate and requires a stable foundation.

The announcement yesterday to release Matt comes with a heavy heart. He has not only represented DarkZero since our inception, but has helped build a culture of excellence and has been integral to the shaping of our program. He has been an outstanding member of the team and he is leaving here as a top-tier player. Although we have performed decently well throughout this last year, we have struggled with issues of consistency and synergy, leading to a level of play that we are unsatisfied with. The time was clear to reevaluate our compositional framework. Our decision to move on without Matt stems from a clear vision of what we are missing, not from how he has individually performed.

I am sure this decision is surprising to hear, but it is in our best interest to go down a different and unfamiliar path in our roster development. Matt will surely be acquired by a team that can better utilize his experience and talents. We will most definitely see him on the other side of the stage soon.

This is a somber time, but also an exciting one. We will be announcing the next step in our evolution shortly. 

- BC

February 24th: Flynn Moves to Team Manager in Mirage

The Canadian team captain of Mirage in Rob "Flynn" Flynn has moved to become the team manager for Mirage ahead of the team's new roster announcement and move to Las Vegas for the North American League. 

February 23rd: Bryan Leaves LiViD

After competing on the team for the second half of the 2020 Canadian Division season, Bryan "Bryan" Agema has left LiViD Gaming. This comes as the Canadian Division is folded into the main US Division tournament with LiViD not taking up their NAL spot. 

Bryan previously attended multiple international finals on teams such as Rogue, and eXcellence as well as being crowned the 2019 Canadian champion before joining LiViD. During his time on the team, he finished in third out of the four teams meaning he escaped the relegation zone but also missed out on the Canadian Finals.

He now retires from playing competitively and hopes to take up a coaching role in a top team, however, is currently LFT.

February 23rd: DarkZero Releases Hotancold

Despite a strong 2020 Season, DarkZero has opted to release one of their two remaining initial members of the team in Matthew "Hotancold" Stevens.

Hotancold first joined the roster then known as FlipSid3 Tactics back in Season 3 of the Pro League and has remained on the team since as it went from that org to SK Gaming and then to DarkZero.

Across this time he has attended three Pro League Finals, the 2020 Six Invitational, and the Raleigh Major peaking with a runners-up finish during Season 10. During 2020, DarkZero pushed ahead of their rivals for most of the Season winning the August Major as well as Stage 2 before falling to TSM in both the November Major semi-finals and the US Division grand-finals.

Hotancold now leaves Mint after 54 months together ahead of the 2021 Season kick-off.

February 23rd: Mirage Signs Guerra, DnA as Coach, Analyst

Mirage has signed the former DarkZero Esports analyst Cristian Guerra and former Tempo Storm coach David "DnA" Thomas as its new coach and analyst, respectively heading into the 2021 season of the North American League (NAL).

February 22nd: NordiK Esports Ceases Operations, Roster Disbands

After dropping four players from the team last December, the NordiK Esports organisation has ceased all operations ending its R6 team. This means the remaining player of Stormz and the staff members of oGrevious and Vezzy have both left the org. however, it is unclear whether they will take up their Challenger League spot as expected.

Nordik finished Stage one of the Canadian Division in second place and Stage two in fourth before they successfully defended their league spot in the subsequent relegation matchup. Unfortunately for them, the end of the 2020 Season saw the end of the Canadian Division also with the league being merged with the US Division leading the roster to lose their Pro-tier spot. 

February 22nd: XSET Announces NAL Lineup

The XSET organisation has picked up the core of the Rent Free roster which won last Stage's Challenger League to compete in the upcoming 2021 NAL Season. This includes Drip, Filthy, Tomas, and the coach Brycer from Rent Free, Creators from Tempo Storm and Butterzz from The Last Dance. 

The XSET organisation itself was founded by former executives at FaZe Clan just last July and has since already picked up teams in Counter-Strike, PUBG, Rocket League, and Valorant, the latter of which is one of only four teams to have qualified for the upcoming NA Major event. 

XSET's debut will be on March 24th when the NAL LAN League kicks off as one of four new teams to the league alongside Mirage, beastcoast and Altiora, while the Soniqs also comes in with four new players.

February 22nd: Zilchy and Silent Depart Mirage

As Mirage plans to move their team to Las Vegas for the North American League, the team has dropped the two of their Canadian players in Peter "Silent" Christie-Cnossen and Kyle "zilchy" Wrigglesworth. 

This is the first player change Mirage has made since first forming last May with them since winning both stages of the Canadian Division and finishing second at the Canadian Finals behind Altiora. With the teams set to be in Vegas in a matter of weeks, a full announcement of the new Mirage lineup is likely to come soon. 

February 3rd: Read Departs Disrupt Gaming

One of the longest remaining players of Disrupt Gaming, Read "Read" Adams, has left the team ahead of the 2021 NAL Season.

Read previously played on Disrupt during the 2020 Season -- finishing in fifth during Stage 2 -- as well as during Seasons 9 and 10 of the Challenger League. Read also competed on eUnited during Season 11 of the Pro League for half of the season before being replaced by Alphama.

January 26th: beastcoast Joins NAL for 2021

The Challenger League lineup of beastcoast will replace Tempo Storm in the 2021 NAL Season following runner-up finishes at both the 2020 Challenger League Season and the Six Invitational qualifiers.

In the announcement post released by the beastcoast organization, the team's captain of Joseph "Phozzo" Eisenmann had this to say:

After a year of trying to get back into the NAL my time has finally come and I couldn’t be more grateful and happy to be representing beastcoast in the upcoming NAL season, from the minute they signed my team they put full faith and all their resources in us. Time to get to work and show people what we are made of.

While the org's General Manager stated:

Beastcoast is incredibly excited to join NAL with our existing roster. We’ve had a high level of belief in our roster we’ve competed with for the past year and their ability to compete at the highest level. When the ability to enter into NAL with our team came along we were excited to acquire the license and give our players the consistent opportunity to prove they can compete with the best of the best.

Prior to their time on the beastcoast organization, Gxhst previously played in the Pro League for the Soniqs during Season 10, Phozzo won Challenger League Season 10 with the team later known as eUnited, and Rooty, Sippin, and AnthonyMGS all won CCS Season 4 on SiNister Academy. Now, after almost 2 years of the core roster competing together, they will finally make their pro debut as a team on March 22nd.

The beastcoast org, meanwhile, previously won a spot in the Pro League way back in the Season 7 relegations only for the roster (now known as Oxygen Esports) to be bought out by Cloud9 before their first pro game.

January 25th: New-Lineup Altiora Joins NAL for 2021

This news comes from the Owner of Altiora via Dot Esports in which he states:

Altiora has accepted the NAL license offered by Ubisoft on Jan 5th and is in the process of forming a new team... Unless Altiora encounters any other stipulations from Ubisoft, this should be set in stone.

Read the full SiegeGG report here.

January 23rd: MeepeY Joins Altiora as Trail Coach

As reported by Dot Esports, the British coach of Matthew "meepeY" Sharples has joined the all-Canadian lineup of Altiora ahead of their upcoming Six Invitational appearance in a trial capacity.

MeepeY previously played in the Pro League for seven Pro League seasons peaking with victories at DreamHack Valencia 2018 and the 2019 Allied Minor event, semi-final finishes at both the 2018 and 2019 Six Majors and a runner-up finish during the Season 3 grand-final. 

Most recently as the British roster of Team Secret fell apart following two failed Challenger League seasons, meepeY joined the NAL team of eUnited as an analyst before replacing Bagel on the team as the Head Coach. MeepeY aided the team to escape the relegation zone to a seventh-place finish only for the organization to exit R6 leading to the roster losing their NAL spot. 

Now, meepeY will take part in the Six Invitational for the first time in his career with Altiora. Should he impress at this event he will then join full-time for the 2021 Season.

January 12th: Soniqs Decide Against Dream for New-Look Roster

With it now clear that the new-look Susquehanna Soniqs roster would not carry over entirely from the Invitational-qualifiers 'SuprSoniqs' roster, team captain Seth "supr" Hoffman's announcement that Mitch "Dream" Malson will not be continuing with the roster (and will not be signing an official contract with the Soniqs itself) is of little surprise.

Speaking on stream, supr explained the reason for dropping the former Tempo Storm player, saying, "People don't want to play with Dream." However, he did clarify that "I personally don't have a problem with Dream."

The move comes after Dream's fellow ex-Tempo Storm teammate Tim "Creators" Humpherys had also left the experimental 'SuprSoniqs' roster following the Six Invitational 2021 Qualifiers.

As of today I have left the suprSoniqs and am open to T1 NA offers...

With this news, only supr himself, and the former eUnited duo of Pablo "Gryxr" Rebeil and Richie "Rexen" Coronado are still on the SuprSoniqs roster, with a number of players on trial for the two (or potentially more) open spots on the team.

Thanks to their Invitational non-qualification, though, the Susquehanna Soniqs will enjoy the luxury of time to fit the best pieces into their team. The transfer window is only set to officially open after the Six Invitational, while the 2021 new-look North American League season will start shortly after that.

January 9th: Valorr Leaves LiViD

saying, "People don't want to play with Dream." However, he did clarify that "I personally don't have a problem with Dream."

The Candadian Division team of LiViD Gaming's newest pickup, "Valorr" has left the team a month after joining.

Valorr previously spent a season on the Canadian Challenger League team of da slatts which finished the season in sixth place. On the team, he finished as the second-highest fragger with a remarkable 1.4 KD ratio. He now leaves LiViD one month and one day after joining as he is unable to move to Las Vegas with the rest of the lineup as the Canadian and US Divisions merge into one. 

This confirms that LiViD will be joining the new combined NA League alongside teams such as DZ, SSG and TSM to fill a spot left vacant by eUnited and Tempo Storm. It is unknown which of the other Canadian teams -- Mirage, Altiora and NordiK -- will be joining them there as of yet.

January 7th: Altiora's Coach of Yurii has Left the Team

The coach of the Six Invitational qualified team of Altiora, "Yurii", has left the team claiming that the org "is extremely shady, unprofessional and quite possibly the worst org I have ever worked for".

As stated in the Twitlonger below he wasn't paid during his time on the team as he helped them win both the 2020 Canadian champions title and the 2021 Six Invitational qualifier. The team is now left with just the analyst of "Okward1HP" working as staff as they prepare for their international debut.

I would like to start this off by saying I enjoyed my time working with the PLAYERS on Altiora. All of the players on ALT are extremely talented and I am proud of them for the hard work that they put in. I've decided to take the approach to leaving the team as professionally as possible, but know the Altiora org in itself is extremely shady, unprofessional and quite possibly the worst org I have ever worked for. I feel bad for the players that are stuck with Altiora. For anyone in the community wondering, I was not the reason Bandit was asked to be separated from the roster. It was a decision made by the players and I only supported the players in their decision because I worked for the players at that time not the org.

My time on Altiora was unpaid and uncontracted. But whilst there I did everything a paid coach in the T1 scene would do and then some. Just like previous rosters, I did this for the love of the game and for watching the players succeed. Words cannot express the excitement I felt for the players after watching them win the Canadian finals in a dominating fashion and then go on to qualify for Invite. Good luck to the players at Invite and in the NAL.

My departure isn't something the players wanted and was moreso forced by the org. I would have loved to stay with the roster and continue coaching them. As far as what comes next, I'm not totally sure. I'm open to offers and have a resume available. Thanks for reading.

January 7th: meepeY and DrewSpark Officially Leaves ex-eUnited Roster

The ex-eUnited roster's head coach, Matthew "meepeY" Sharples, and analyst, Drew  "DrewSpark" Sparks-Whitworth, have officially left the roster.

January 5th: Canadian & US Divisions Merged Together

The two divisions of the NA League have been merged into one, effectively ending the CA Challenger League and offering the CA-D teams spots in the new combined Pro-tier tournament. Find out more about this here.

December 28th: Nordik Esports Drops 4/5 Players

After successfully fending off relegations and securing a spot in the 2021 Canadian Division season, Nordik Esports has opted to drop four of its players in a move somewhat similar to that pulled off by the Susquehanna Soniqs earlier this month.

The team secured a second place in the CAD during Stage One before falling to a last-place finish in Stage two setting up a meeting against the CA Challenger League champions of Team Oblivion two weeks ago to keep their prestigious pro-tier spot. The team won this game in an extremely close three-map contest to keep Nordik at the top league only for most of the team -- Skvz, S4, Bosak, and LakQi -- all to be dropped leaving just StorMz and the coaches of oGrievous and Vezzy remaining on the team.

Off of this announcement, Skvz has announced his retirement from competitive R6S while the three other players will be looking for new opportunities in 2021. The one remaining player of StorMz survived as the standout player during Stage two with a 1.19 Rating -- the fourth best in the league -- compared to his closest teammate at 0.91

December 23rd: imp and devpetm Leave Mirage

Mirage's two analysts of Devin "Devpetm" Petmecky and Connor "imp" Smith have both left the Canadian Stage 1 & 2 champions leaving the team with no support staff to date.

December 22nd: Cabal Joins LiViD

One of Canadian Challenger League's standout players and relegation prospects of Cabal has joined LiViD to replace Hiperzz to mark the third change in the team in two weeks.

December 12th: Okward1HP Joins Altiora as Analyst

December 11th: Hiperzz Leaves LiViD Gaming

Marking the third exit from the team this week, William "Hiperzz" Niquette has announced a surprise exit from the lineup just ahead of their Six Invitational debut on Saturday.

December 11th: Alphama Leaves ex-eUnited Roster

The Frenchman of Léo "Alphama" Robine has left the former eUnited roster after the team had lost its license to compete in the North American League (NAL).

His North American team of eUnited had finished seventh in the 2020 season of the US Division of the NAL, but the organisation's departure from the scene meant that the roster would need a new organisation to play in the 2021 season.

Having required a visa to move to the United States and play with the other former eUnited players, Alphama has decided to return home to France ahead of its imminent expiry.

Unfortunately, Alphama may be out of the scene for the foreseeable future -- possibly until after the Six Invitational 2021, as per a Leon "neLo" Pesić tweet that expressed his own difficulties at being eligible to play until the transfer window opens then. However, he has expressed his desire to continue competing and his experience with the current Rogue roster and eUnited should make him an enticing prospect.

December 8th: Nyx and Valorr Joins LiViD Gaming

The ex-DZ, Reciprocity and Disrupt player of Zachary "Nyx" Thomas has announced he has joined LiViD's as the team's primary in-game leader alongside "Valorr". These two join to replace Brian "RowdyOwly" Tai and Massimo "Zigalo" Zimmerman after finishing the 2020 Candian Division season in third place.

Since turning 18, Nyx spent two years in NA Pro League which included a top-four finish at DreamHack Montreal and a second place finish at the Season 10 Finals on DarkZero, a runners-up finish at the US Nationals on Reciprocity (now known as Oxygen) and, most recently, finished in a disappointing seventh place on Disrupt Gaming during Stage one of the NA League. Now, after spending a few months on PogChamp, Nyx has returned to the top flights alongside another ex-Pro League player of Bryan as they try and make a name from the Canadian Division team of LiViD Gaming.

Joining him LiViD comes another player in Valorr who spent last season on the Canadian Challenger League team of da slatts which finished the season in sixth place. On the team, he finished as the second-highest fragger with a remarkable 1.4 KD ratio.

The team will debut this weekend in the North American Six Invitational Open Qualifiers where, despite limited time to practice together, they'll be hoping to make a statement against more well known US lineups.

December 3rd: Soniqs Bench SlebbeN, Gomfi, Iconic and Easilyy, Easilyy Retires

The Susquehanna Soniqs has opted to completely reform their lineup after finishing Stage two in a disappointing sixth place out of what is now just six teams. They have done this by replacing the entire team except for supr and jobro, the team's coach. Shortly after this announcement, Easilyy announced that this was the end of his professional career after three years of top-tier appearances.

You can read more about these changes in their dedicated article here.

November 21st: Tempo Storm Roster Released, Must Find New Organization

After finishing the 2020 NAL season in last place, Tempo Storm has decided to exit R6 esports, leaving their team without a spot in the 2021 tournament. You can learn more about the announcement here and what this means for the team, orgs and players here.

The Tempo Storm announcement.

November 12th: Forceful Leaves Mirage

The ex-Tempo Storm and current Mirage coach of Tanner "Forceful" McHattie has opted to leave Mirage after a disappointing NAL Qualifier appearance. He has instead joined the US Challenger League team of APE ahead of the Six Invitational qualifiers.

November 11th: eUnited Roster Released, Must Find New Organization

After finishing the 2020 NAL season in seventh place, eUnited has decided to exit R6 esports, leaving their team without a spot in the 2021 tournament. You can learn more about what happened, why it happened and what this means for the players here.

The eUnited announcement.


And so, that's every change within the North American region so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!