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NAL Organisation eUnited Drops Lineup

The eUnited organisation has left R6 esports as they drop their current roster after a bad 2020 season.

After initially joining the scene with the acquisition of the Obey Alliance roster last December, eUnited has had a very rough year. After finishing Season 11 in seventh place they won just two out of 10 games across both Stages One and Two of the North American League -- one each against the Soniqs and Tempo -- with their latter victory allowing them to narrowly avoid the relegation zone. 

Despite guaranteeing a spot in the 2021 season, the eUnited organisation has decided to leave R6 esports likely due to the lack of games the team will have till the 2021 season kicks off next April.

After the team initially won Season 10's Challenger League, the pickup by eUnited led to a number of extra lineup changes with just Gryxr remaining from that old lineup. This new roster saw the Europeans of Alphama, meepeY and DrewSpark each join along with the ex-pro players of Yeti and Rexen and, most recently, the relative newcomer of Kanzen. Despite these pickups, the team went a total of 166 days between victories with the team picking up just in time to secure a 2-1 victory over Tempo Storm to escape the relegation zone and book a spot in the 2021 season.

This dissapointing performance coupled with the lack of upcoming games for the roster has caused eUnited to reevaluate their investment into R6S despite being included in tier two of the R6Share program with the Director of Marketing & Strategy at eUnited taking issue with the month long season, and five month off season earlier this month on Twitter:

This exit now leaves the seven man eUnited lineup desperately looking for a replacement organisation with flackbacks of the fate of Luminosity's and Evil Geniuses' roster likely in their mind as the 2021 season gets nearer. With the team's coach of meepeY stating the announcement was a shock to them it is unlikely they have been able to find a replacement of yet, however, the eUnited organisation has stated they will be providing the team house for the players to use in Vegas over the holiday while they search for a new home.

The ex-eUnited roster's next game will likely be in January when the Six Invitational Open Qualifiers kick off giving the following players over two months to search for a replacement organisation:

 Pablo "Gryxr" Rebeil 
 Alexander "Yeti" Lawson
 Léo "Alphama" Robine
Richie "Rexen" Coronado
Evan "Kanzen" Bushore
 Matthew "meepeY" Sharples (coach)
Drew "DrewSpark" Sparks-Whitworth (analyst)