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LATAM Relegations — Estral Loss Pushes MeT to Last, Falkol Leads BR6b

Ahead of the Series B playoffs in Brazil, Mexico, and South America this week, here's a look at how the relegations are shaping up in the LATAM region.

LATAM Relegations — Estral Loss Pushes MeT to Last, Falkol Leads BR6b

The Challenger League tournaments in each of the three LATAM sub-regions will come to an end this week with the winners of each facing the bottom-placed team in the main leagues. Here's a look at how the Series B is progressing and a preview of the possible relegation matches coming up next month:

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Starting with the primary sub-region in Latin America, Brazil's BR6b ran for five weeks between mid-September and mid-October. 10 teams competed in an identical format to that of the Brasileirão league with the top four playing in the tournament's Finals this weekend. The winner of this tournament will face FURIA Esports in the relegation match on November 21st.

  1. Falkol -- StroKer, GdNN1, Jango, kondz, mgN and Kizi (coach)
  2. Isurus -- Maia, Kurtzzz, naka, rdz, yangii and mcunha (coach)
  3. Team Singularity -- Neskin, Levy, Ghost, KingSt4r and Zaak
  4. Royal Republic -- destiny, maddi, ScorpioN, DreeuZ, dustii and THUG-LIFE (coach)

These four teams qualified within a hair of each other with every place from first to ninth being separated by just a single point. This meant that while Falkol did top the table and Isurus won the most amount of games, the Finals will be a free for all between them with any of the four able to take the victory.

The end of season standings in the BR6b.

While the relegation spot is obviously the main aim, there'll also be $10,000 on the line to the four teams which rather dwarfs the $1,000 dolled out across the regular season. The games will be cast on the official r6esportsbr Twitch account by Jeferson "Moska1m" Sampaio, João "oJGz" Gabriel, Lucas "LukeeR" Ramires and Alexandre "Alezudoo" Branco with the ex-Pro League observer of Maria "Duda" Eduarda Avella observing.

The Finals bracket.

The victor will face FURIA after the team achieved just two victories -- against INTZ and oNe during stage two -- across their 18 games this season. This performance was somewhat unexpected as the organisation invested heavily in both the primary and academy roster, picking up the ex-NiP and FaZe coach of Twister and the ex-MIBR player of Novys to help bolster the lineup. Nevertheless, the team sits one game off of relegation out of the BR6 tournament. 

Mexico Série B

Mexico's Series B ran a similar format to the BR6b with the lone change coming in the Finals. Here, instead of a single-elimination format, it will be a ladder format with teams seeds three and four facing off with the winner facing seed two and then the winner of that game facing the top seed. This change is as in order to get the Mexican Championship back to eight teams as the Series B victor will be auto promoted to the main league while the runner-up faces MeT for a spot in the 2021 league. Just like the BR6b, the Mexican Series B Finals will also take place next weekend and also offer $10,000 in prize money as well

Unlike the BR6b, the Mexican season wasn't as close with the top two teams sitting notably above the others while Overknight sits currently undefeated:

  1. IGNIS Esports -- Crespo, Stony, Piscacho, Hunther, Abner, Irving and Waiffer
  2. OverKnight -- larzt, Kcire, Draab, Belfe, Goz, Nefty, Livexer and Livane (coach)
  3. Estorm Gaming -- GladiuZ, Ricto, MrC-25, Pollo, Gonna, Royon and Sorrel (two coaches)
  4. Kingdom Gaming -- ReyDelAfter, Coria, More, NhilV, DK and Demonweasel (coach)

Most notable out of the players above is Irving for IGNIS who was kicked from MeT at the mid-season to be replaced by DotDash. He will be eager to therefore take down MeT with his new team should he not win the auto-promotion.

The Mexico Series B Finals format.

MeT themselves are in this position after a very weak season which notably improved after the acquisition of the American players of DotDash and wrath in August but not enough to escape the relegation zone. This came after a very surprising result on the final playday in which their main opponents for the relegation spot were effectively offered a free win from the league leaders of Estral Esports after Estral played the game with their coaches subbed in and played numerous rounds with just pistols out as they effectively threw the map:

While MeT is likely angry about this game, their new lineup's recent successes coupled with the fact they will be facing the Series B runners-up rather than victors means they are very unlikely to lose the relegation matchup no matter who they face.

Sudamérica Série B

Finally, we have the South American sub-regions Challenger League which runs the same format as that of Mexico with no auto-promotion -- the league's victor qualifies for the relegation match alone -- with the Finals taking place on Thursday and Friday rather than on the weekend.

Unlike the two other sub-regions, there has been one standout team across the season in the form of Maycam Evolve who remarkably won every single map they played in across the season, dropping an average of just 2.1 rounds per map. This clearly puts them as the standout favourite to take the relegations spot and a very strong contender to take the 2021 league spot as the sixth Argentinian lineup out of eight teams.

  1.  Maycam Evolve -- Brito, INFAME, Scheingg, BlackWolf, Tilarian, Rg4, ALIEN and Geko (coach)
  2.  LDM Esports -- L4ZinG, Strato, Re77er, Prede and Clicke
  3. Goat Gaming -- Browser, VenTs, CJSSF, Toxic Gonza and Gastic
  4.  Hawks -- Tecnyro, Ronage32, FRANNZ, Princess, NaT_53 and Pato0707

The team they will likely be facing in the relegations on the same weekend as the Mexican and South American games is Azules Esports who achieved just a single win across the season which surprisingly enough came against the back-to-back sub-regional champions of Coscu Army in one of their two defeats this year. Azules will likely be in trouble should they not considerably improve over the next month as three out of five players achieved a 0.88 rating or lower in stage two alone.

The SUC Series B standings.

Check out the games on the r6esportsbr and rainbow6latam Twitch channels with full coverage here at SiegeGG!