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Echo Banned from Competitive Play Until Further Notice

After issues with the Yokai drones went unfixed, Echo has once again been temporarily banned from competitive play.

After multiple issues with Yokai drones becoming indestructible, Ubisoft today banned Echo drones from competitive play for an indefinite amount of time.

One of the instances of the glitch was caught earlier this week in the Oceanic Nationals, where Rhythm was able to force overtime against Wildcard Gaming thanks to an indestructible Yokai drone.

While the announcement was a welcome one, pros on Twitter expressed unhappiness with the manner with which the news had been delivered. With an expectation of being informed of the changes prior to them being public, a few pros presumably disliked the fact that they had been practicing until today with the possibility of Echo being in play.

What's more, the announcement came a mere hour before the next play day of Stage 2 of the Brasileirão 2020 was set to start.

Echo had been temporarily banned a mere three months ago, even prior to the current Operation Shadow Legacy patch. However, despite assurances from Ubisoft that the issue had been fixed as Echo was unbanned, the problem had persisted and led to Echo's ban again today.

Just earlier this week, the North American teams of Disrupt Gaming, Susquehanna Soniqs, eUnited, and Oxygen Esports had all agreed to not use the operator in their matches due to this glitch.

Other pros had called for the operator being banned after the Oceanic Nationals game and it seems that Ubisoft has responded quickly before the start of this next week's play.

With this glitch having persisted for a while, it may be a while before Echo marks a return to competitive play, and thus could give a more entertaining variety of operator bans in the games to come.