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SiegeGG Caster Predictions Stage 2 2020 — New Season & New Names

With Stage 2 of the 2020 season kicking off this week, the SiegeGG Caster Predictions will also be returning as it expands to new casters.

SiegeGG Caster Predictions Stage 2 2020 — New Season & New Names

The SiegeGG Caster Predictions returns for stage two as we expect it from nine pairs to 12 and add in seven new casters. Along with the SiegeGG Rankings, this totals 13 total predictors every week as below:

Returning pairs:

  • Hap  and Geo 
  • Scok  and FuriouSG 
  • AlexPolo  and Verdi 
  • Stoax  and Velly 
  • Jesse Chick  and Uzumaki 
  • Devmarta  and Jess 
  • Frieda  and Tomozo 
  • Viic  and qeP 

New pairs:

  • Dezachu  and AceOfPyrite 
  • med1cz and Easy 
  • Jacki Jing  and InfianEwok
  • IntacT  and foxtrot 

Derry "Dezachu" Holt and Tim "AceOfPyrite" Leaver both cast the 2020 Six Invitational and the recent European Major with Dezachu part of the current EUL and APAC North talent pool and AceOfPyrite offering English language coverage of the BR6 league. This makes both of these casters an excellent duo to join the predictions with them currently covering more regions than any other due taking part.

Ante "med1cz" Medić and Stephan "Easy" Kemink both currently act as observers for the European and APAC North leagues. As well as this, med1cz also previously observed the 2020 Six Invitational and OGA Pit Minor while Easy has worked with the Benelux talent crew for two years while coaching and playing for Trust Gaming.

The ex-Pro League player for INTZ and Bootkamp Gaming and current Portuguese language caster for the Mexican Championship of Vitor "IntacT" Janz joins the returning Mexican caster of Rafael "Foxtrot" Jacques.

And finally, we have the North American League host of Jacki Jing and the old South-East Asian Pro League and APAC LAN caster of Shikhar "InfianEwok" Gupta. While this is the first cross-regional pairing, the two of them have previously worked together for SiegeGG as our content team at the Six Invitational to record player, talent, and fan interviews, with InfianEwok also working as News Staff at SiegeGG.

The 12 caster pairs will join the SiegeGG Rankings for this new season of the caster predictions. The victor will join these prior winners as FuriouSG aims to both retain the title and keep his record as the only two-time winner:

  • Season 9 Online - Hap 
  • Season 9 Finals - Velly toldersma  and Demo 
  • Raleigh Major - LuKid 
  • Season 10 Online - SiegeGG Rankings
  • Season 10 Finals - Uzumaki  and SummerRain 
  • Six Invitational 2020 - FuriouSG 
  • Season 11 Online - Flynn 
  • Stage 1 2020 - FuriouSG & Scok 

As with last season, we opted to score the games to once again take in mind the different number of games in each region. This is as there is more than twice the number of BR6 and EU games than US Division games, which would theoretically hugely benefit the casters from those regions without a weighted scoring. This, therefore, means the points per correct prediction will be as follows:

  • A correct North American League prediction is worth 5 points (as there are 20 predictions in total)
    • Four GSL-style groups at five games each, totalling 20 games.
  • A correct APAC North prediction is worth 3.33 points (as there are 30 Predictions in total)
    • Every team plays 10 games a season in a Swiss-format totalling 60 but only one playday a week will be predicted, resulting in 30 games for predictions.
  • A correct EU League prediction is worth 2.22 points (as there are 45 games in total)
    • 10 teams play each other once in a single round-robin format, totalling 45 games.
  • A correct Latin American League prediction is worth 2.22 points (as there are 45 predictions in total)
    • Every team plays each in what's effectively a Bo2 round-robin format totalling 45 games.
The stage one results

Prediction graphics will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next five weeks with the following Mini-Major competition separated for this stage. Keep an eye out for them on the SiegeGG Twitter account.