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NA Transfers: Latest Updates - DrewSpark Joins eUnited

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the US and Canadian Division of the NA League, as well as the US Division of the Challenger League since the end of Stage 1!

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the post-Stage 1 transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the EU, LATAM and APAC threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far

US Division:

  • DarkZero Esports -- Cristian Guerra leaves the team, Grant Tripple joins
  • Tempo Storm -- Sloppy kicked, Jarvis joins, RaMz joins as analyst
  • Disrupt Gaming -- Nyx kicked, Mango joins as analyst, J9O joins
  • eUnited -- Rexen and kanzen replace Callout and Forrest, Bagel dropped, DrewSpark Joins

CA Division:

  • Nordik Esports -- Fame leaves, Vezzy joins
  • LiViD Gaming -- Coughee and Spektrum leave, Bryan and Hipperz join

US Challenger League:

  • The Last Dance - Doodle joins, Brainbow leaves, Cristian Guerra joins as coach
  • Rent Free - Dpfire and J9O replaces Benjimoola and Rexen, Sweater replaces Dpfire, Prophecy replaces J9O, DrewSpark leaves
  • PogChamp - GhxsT leaves, Sweater leaves, disbands, un-disbands, yungalec joins, yungalec leaves, yungalec joins, Dpfire joins, Nyx joins, Jarvis leaves, just 2/5 remain hence CL spot lost, Oasis joins as a coach, Hack3r joins as a coach
  • Joe esports - Prophecy leaves, klix leaves, Benjimoola joins, England joins, swnky joins as coach
  • Favelas - Aero leaves, Thumbus leaves, Karnageb and Abunai joins
  • beastcoast - GhxsT replaces Jaay
  • Spiker GG - yungalec leaves

Roster Changes

September 25th: DrewSpark Joins eU as an Analyst

The British analyst of DrewSpark has joined eUnited in the US-Division to fill the empty position created by meepeY's move to the Head Coach position.

DrewSpark previously worked as an analyst for the Challenger League team of RentFree which finished last season as runners-up. Here's what meepeY had to say about the change:

Drew brings years of experience not only in data collection but also in data analysis. With his keen eye for numbers, statistics and over all analytics, eUnited only keeps growing stronger. He'll be a fine addition to the roster. Welcome, Drew!

While DrewSpark himself had this to say:

I'm super excited to be joining eUnited! Early on in my Esports career I was involved in Call of Duty and the eUnited story throughout the CWL was captivating: all the personalities, the highs, the lows and the championships. For that reason, being a part of eUnited within Rainbow Six Siege and the NAL is an honour and I am excited for the future. I am ready to help create more stories with this organisation and the team!

September 14th: Disrupt Gaming Signs J9O

Disrupt Gaming has completed its roster, filling its vacant fifth spot by signing former Susquehanna Soniqs substitute Jack "J9O" Burkard. J9O had briefly been on the Soniqs during Stage 1 of the US Division and had played some games, but had left after a month to join Challenger League roster.

Now, the player makes a return to the top-flight with a core spot on Disrupt Gaming, eager to make his mark.

September 3rd: Bagel Released by eUnited

In a surprising development on Twitter, eUnited has announced that head coach Colby "Bagel" Smith has been dropped from the team after an argument between himself and certain players on the team. 

Bagel previously helped win the PG Nationals Italian championship with Mkers before joining Team SoloMid as a coach ahead of the 2020 Six Invitational. Here, he helped the team to a third-place finish losing to SSG twice and NiP once before being kicked from the team and joining eUnited for the second half of Season 11. Under Bagel's leadership, eU went from fifth place at the mid-season to seventh place by the end of the season winning just a single map across the seven played.

Most recently, eUnited won just two maps across the whole of stage one -- one each against Disrupt and Soniqs -- putting them in the last place and firmly in the relegation zone. Now, as stage two approaches, Bagel has been removed from the team following disagreements with players with Bagel claiming the players were not following his direction with his now-deleted comments below coming under heavy scrutiny by other professional players and coaches from across all four regions: 

The team's analyst of Matthew "meepeY" Sharples has now taken over his role as the Head Coach. He expressed support for Bagel on Twitter but did not comment on the situation surrounding his departure:

August 30th: RaMz Joins Tempo Storm as an Analyst

Robert "RaMz" Rockhill has joined Tempo Storm as an analyst following an open application process to complete the Tempo Storm lineup. RaMz is best known for his appearance at both the USN 2018 and 2019 events as well as the Raleigh Major as an analyst. As well as this, he also has experience as a player during year one of R6 esports in which alongside his new teammates of Mark and KenZ he finished the Six Invitational Xbox Finals in joint third place.

He now joins the pro-tier leagues on PC for the first time alongside a new psychologist for the lineup in Matt Wolf as the organisation joins a growing list which offers such services to help the roster prepare for games.

August 29th: Mango Joins as an Analyst

August 28th: Prophecy Replaces J9O on Rent Free

August 28th: Jarvis Joins Tempo Storm

The ex-player for Ominous, Continuum, DarkZero, TSM and LG of Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis has joined Tempo Storm after four months out of top tier competitions. You can read a full rundown of this roster change here.

August 27th: Tempo Storm Drops Sloppy

Five months after being signed by Tempo Storm and three months after his debut on the team, the Italian player of Manuel "Sloppy" Malfer has been kicked from the North American lineup.

This comes following a sixth place finish during stage one of the US-Division and subsequent losses to both the Soniqs and Mirage in the North American League Six Major qualifier. In this time, he achieved a 1.02 rating during the US Division on the operators of Thermite and Jager -- the second highest on his team -- followed by a 0.78 rating in the Six Major qualifiers -- the second-lowest in the tournament.

Sloppy has already moved back to Italy and will be hoping to leverage this professional experience into a notable European pickup while Tempo Storm prepares to announce his replacement.

I am no longer apart of @TempoStorm.
Unfortunately the guys has come to the final decision to kick me from the team.
Initially i was supposed to be in Vegas in March but due to covid i have been stuck in Canada for 6 months..
During this time i went through depression since i was feeling alone but at some point kandi (my manager) helped me a lot by moving himself to his brother's house which is where i was living at.
i've learned a lot and i will be forever thankfull to my team mates for what they teached me in game.
I also want to say thank you Kandi since you believed in me until the last.
For the people that doesn't know, i am already back in Italy and i'm looking for a team.

It was a great experience but now i'm angrier than before, and i will fight until the end to get my PL spot back!

August 25th: Nyx Replaces Jarvis in PogChamp, Oasis and Hack3r Joins as Coaches

The ex-DZ, Reciprocity and Disrupt player of Zachary "Nyx" Thomas has joined the third-seeded Challenger League lineup of PogChamp to replace his ex-teammate from DarkZero of Sam "Jarvis" Jarvis. This change means the PogChamp roster only retains two players -- Trippen and Prod -- from their Stage one lineup likely meaning the team will need to requalify via the open qualifiers in three weeks' time.

The lineup also adds the ex-Challenger League player for Organised Chaos and Vicious Gaming in Tyler "Oasis" McLean as their coach after 16 months out of the scene alongside his co-coach of "Hack3r".

August 24th: Rexen, kanzen Replace Callout, Forrest on eUnited

Third of the US Division teams to make a change, eUnited has confirmed the widely-rumoured change of swapping Seth "Callout" Mik and Roman "Forrest" Breaux for 18 year-old kanzenkyari and former Luminosity Gaming player Richie "Rexen" Coronado. The move comes after eUnited finished dead last in Stage 1 of the US Division, playing four Best-of-Three (Bo3) games and winning none.

Both Callout and Forrest had debuted together with the now-maligned Pittsburgh Embers, with the two following the roster's swap to Obey Alliance. Then acheiving promotion to the Pro League for Season 11, the two had signed with eUnited, but had only managed to help their team to seventh place.

Rexen, meanwhile, comes in with a wealth of Pro League experience, having played for Luminosity Gaming for two seasons and finished in fourth place in Season 10. What's more, Rexen had also lead his team to a fourth-place finish at the OGA PIT Minor last year, having beaten the UK Team Secret roster there.

On the other hand, kanzenkyari comes in as a player with no top-flight experience, but will likely give a fresh boost to eUnited, with his lower-tier competitive experience and age possibly giving the team a new dimension.

August 16th: Disrupt Gaming Kicks Nyx

Zachary "Nyx" Thomas has been kicked from Disrupt Gaming after three months as the team "felt like they would be a stronger team without [Nyx]".

Nyx previously attended the Season 9 and 10 Pro League Finals alongside DarkZero, finishing as runners-up in the latter event, before leaving ahead of the 2019 US Nationals. For this event, he joined Team Reciprocity (now known as Oxygen Esports) where he finished as runners-up yet again before leaving the team at the end of Season 11. Most recently, he joined Disrupt Gaming for Stage 1 of the North American League finishing in seventh place. 

In his Twitlonger below he admitted that his personality is "hard to mesh with" and apologised to ex-teammates. He will now be looking for new opportunities ahead of Stage 2 which Disrupt searches for a new fifth player.

I wanted to wait until after the major to make this tweet. I am no longer apart of @DisruptGaming the guys felt like they would be a stronger team without me. I have no hard feelings towards them and understand that business is business. With that being said I am a free agent looking for a new home.

I have done a lot of thinking and realize that my personality is one that is hard to mesh with. I am determined, hardworking, resilient, and most of all vocal. I think my tendency of being so vocal causes tension within teams and I am working countless hours on trying to fix this. I apologize to anyone that I have teamed with if I have said anything to upset you or demotivate you etc. I can assure you my intentions are not to bring you down. I strive to make my teammates better and push them to their limits, I need to learn how to balance this because clearly it keeps biting me in my ass.

August 13th: Nordik Esports' Analyst, Fame, Leaves Roster

After helping the team finish the Stage One of the Canadian Division in second place, the team's analyst of "Fame" has been released. In a personal Twitlonger seen here, Fame attributed the change to "opposing coaching ideas" with the team's coach and stated that his replacement will be joining the lineup soon.

August 13th: yungalec Leaves Spiker GG, Joins PogChamp

Despite reportedly disbanding two days prior, yungalec has announced he has joined the third-placed team in the US CL, PogChamp, from the eighth-placed team of Spiker GG.

August 13th: Grant Tripple Joins DarkZero as an Analyst

Replacing Cristian Guerra in the team as their analyst comes Grant Tripple just a few days before the North American regional Major kicks off. 

August 12th: Rent Free Replaces Dpfire with Sweater

After bringing him into the team two weeks prior, Dpfire has left the second-seeded team in the US Challenger League to be replaced by the ex-Disrupt Academy and PogChamp player of "Sweater".

August 11th: GhxsT Replaces Jaay in beastcoast

Shortly after the PogChamp announcement, one of its players of Jason "GhxsT" Luu has joined the seventh-placed team in the US Challenger League of beastcoast.

GhxsT previously finished fourth at DreamHack Austin on Disrupt Gaming, attended the 2018 US Nationals on Rise Nation, was one of the original members of Elephant Gang (now known as the Soniqs) and won last season's Challenger League season on PogChamp. He now replaces "Jaay" on beastcoast as he hopes to improve their performance in Stage 2.

August 11th: PogChamp Disbands

After finishing Stage one of the US Challenger League in third place, PogChamp has opted to disband. This is likely due to the team losing players to higher-level teams and the players realising their chance of qualifying for the relegation game was very low after this performance.

July 31st: DarkZero's Analyst, Cristian Guerra, Leaves Team

Cristian Guerra (previously known as eCentral) has left his analyst position at DarkZero Esports after the team finished Stage 1 in fourth place in North America.

Guerra joined the team 16 months ago following the 2019 Six Invitational and has since helped the team in two Pro League Finals, the Raleigh Major, USN 2019, two Minors and the Six Invitational 2020 with the team's best performance coming with their runners-up finish in Season 10 of the Pro League.

With DarkZero's next game in the regional "mini-Major" in two weeks time it is unknown whether DarkZero aims to replace him beforehand or leave the role vacant.

July 31st: Doodle Replaces Brainbow on The Last Dance

The ex-Luminosity player of Coal "Doodle" Phillips has joined The Last Dance to reinforce the team ahead of Stage two of the US Challenger League. Doodle previously won the Challenger League in Season 9 and since attended the OGA Pit Minor and US Nationals as well as played in two seasons of the Pro League. He now joins the Stage one Challenger League victors to replace "Brainbow".

July 31st: J9O and Dpfire Replaces Benjimoola and Rexen

After finishing second during Stage 1 of the US Challenger League, Rent Free has opted to make a few changes. Leaving the team goes the least experienced player in the team of "Benjimoola" as well as the ex-Luminosity player of Richie "Rexen" Coronado to be replaced by the up and coming player of Dpfire and the ex-Soniqs stand-in of Jack "J9O" Burkard.

July 24th: Bryan and Hipperz Replaces Coughee and Spektrum in LiViD Gaming


And so, that's every change within the North American region so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!