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LATAM Transfers: Latest Updates - Estral Esports Signs Four Staff Members

Here's a quick summary of all the changes in the Brazilian, Mexican and South American Divisions of the Latin American region since the end of Stage 1!

LATAM Transfers: Latest Updates - Estral Esports Signs Four Staff Members

As SiegeGG's hub for all roster changes in the transfer window during the post-Stage 1 transfer period, this page will be regularly updated with the latest transfer news. Check out the EU, NA and APAC threads for changes within those regions as well.

Summary of Changes So Far


  • FaZe Clan - Ramalho officially joins the team, Mav benched, KDS joins
  • Santos e-Sports - Hellraiser and DoDo leave, wag joins, rhZ joins
  • W7M Gaming - Alpha joins as coach
  • FURIA Esports - BmH moved to Academy lineup, Novys joins, LENDA joins, Miracle benched
  • Team Liquid - mav joins as coach

Campeonato Mexicano:

  • Timbers Esports - RE4PER joins
  • MeT - DotDash and wrath joins, Irving and Hunterkash leaves

Roster Changes

September 14th: Estral Acquires Four New Staff Members

The stage one and Mexican Mini-Major champions of Estral Esports have acquired four new staff members to join GOKU for stage two including two extra coaches, an analyst, and a psychologist.

August 28th: rhZ Joins Santos e-Sports

August 27th: wag Joins Santos e-Sports

Three months after being replaced on Black Dragons by Patoxy, Wagner "wag" Alfaro has rejoined the pro-tier tournaments on the Santos lineup.

Wag is best known for his time on the NiP lineup where he finished as runners-up during Season 6, joint third at the 2018 Six Invitational and attended both the Paris Major and 2019 Six Invitational. Following a last-place exit at this latter tournament, he was kicked from this team and joined Black Dragons the following season which he most recently left at the end of Season 11.

He now joins Santos which finished their debut top-flight season in ninth place following the exit of Hellraiser and DoDo two weeks ago.

The second split of #BR6 it's coming back and we are getting ready to return with everything! 

This reinforcement arrives at Peixão bringing all his luggage and experience on the scene and promises to give a lot of bullets!

Be very welcome @wagaofps!

August 24th: Mav Officially Leaves FaZe Clan

After having been benched nearly two weeks ago, Rafael "mav" Loureiro has officially left FaZe Clan. With his experience, it is unlikely teams will be hesitant in trying to secure his service, with fans hoping that mav's command of English also sees offers from overseas.

August 24th: LENDA Joins FURIA, Miracle Benched

The ex-Elevate and Singularity player of Thiago "LENDA" Torres has joined FURIA to replace the since benched player of Luiz "Miracle" Abrantes.

Hello, troops. I have come to announce that I will be the sixth player in the main lineup for FURIA, but I will continue to help the team in any way I can in addition to seeking to evolve and take advantage of this situation to come back stronger when the opportunity arises.

August 23rd: rhz, LENDA and KDS Leave Singularity

After qualifying for the BR6b Challenger League tournament in third place, Thiago "LENDA" Torres, Renato "Rhyze" Costa and Eduardo Chiste "KDS" Fontes Santos have all left to join new teams, presumably in the Brasileirão league.

August 21st: DotDash and Wrath Joins MeT, Irving and Hunterkash Leaves

The American players of Mason "DotDash" Brasher and Brandon "wrath" Matousek have moved to Mexico to join the national team of MeT. Leaving the team goes both the player of "Irving" and the team's American coach of Xander "Hunterkash" Luelsdorff.

You can read more about this change here.

August 21st: Novys Joins FURIA

Daniel "Novys" Novy has joined FURIA Esports to replace BmH. 

Novys previously played on the organisations of BRK e-Sports, Immortals and MIBR for two and a half years in which he attended two Majors, two Invitationals and two Pro League Finals peaking with his best performance coming with a joint seventh-place finish at the 2020 Six Invitational.

Welcome to #FURIAR6, @NovysR6!
Daniel "Novys" Novy arrives in the furious lineup adding experience and aggression for the team to seek the top of the

August 21st: Alpha Joins W7M as Coach

The ex-Guidance Gaming Academy player of Victor "Alpha" Passarin who just qualified for the Series B Challenger League tournament, has left that team to join W7M as their coach.

Alpha previously played on the Guidance Gaming lineup during both Seasons 9 and 10 of the Challenger League in which he finished in fourth and sixth before rejoining the organization to qualify for the Series B tournament during Stage 1. Guidance Gaming Academy finished as the top-seeded team during these qualifiers to make it into Stage 2's competition, however, he will now leave the team to enter the BR6 league in a coaching position.

After qualifying for the BR6 via the open qualifiers, W7M surprised many by finishing Stage 1 in sixth place, ahead of teams such as INTZ and Black Dragons and joint in points with MIBR. Now, with Alpha joining as support staff alongside Abreu, they will be hoping to push into the top half of the standings during Stage 2.

Welcome @yAlpha_! Today, we warmly welcome our newest coach / analyst.

Now along with @Abreuzaooo, our analytical part is more than complete. We look forward to the return of #BR6, and you?

August 20th: FURIA Esports Moves BmH to Academy Lineup

After finishing Stage 1 of the BR6 2020 in last place, FURIA has opted to move Bruno "BmH" Miranda from their main team, to their Academy lineup which plays in the BR6b Challenger League replacement tournament.

After joining the lineup as one of its newest players, BmH achieved a 0.80 Rating during Stage 1 -- the lowest on the team excluding their coach who played for two maps -- on the operators of Hibana and Mute. With him being moved to the Academy lineup which qualified for the Series b tournament as the fourth seed, it is likely his replacement will be the FURIA Academy player he will be replacing.

I come to inform you that I am no longer part of the main team of FURIA in R6, now I will play with the academy lineup, in the competition for BR6b.

August 13th: Hellraiser and DoDo Leave Santos e-Sports

After finishing Stage One of the BR6 2020 league in ninth place, Santos e-Sports has opted to drop "DoDo" and Luiggi "Hellraiser" Ianelli who both achieved 0.76 ratings, the lowest of all non-substitutes.

Since qualifying for the BR6 league via the closed qualifier, Santos achieved just a single draw against W7M and a win against FURIA while losing all seven matches against the more established teams. This has led to the changes as they dropped the two worst performing players in the region. Hellraiser previously played on the Elevate lineup during Season 10 where his team finished in the last place and was relegated while DoDo finished third during Season 11's Challenger League on Falkol. 

Santos will now be looking for two new players to join the lineup ahead of Stage two as they aim to keep clear of tenth place and a possible relegation match in December.

After almost a year and a half together, the team decided to drop me. I totally respect their opinion and wish them all the success in the world, they added a lot to my life for a long time and I can only thank them.

After about a year on the team, I unfortunately didn't perform well and decided to move away from the lineup, ty @SantosFCeSports.
Future is uncertain.

August 12th: Mav Benched on FaZe Clan

After over three years on the team, Rafael "mav" Loureiro Freitas has announced he has been replaced on FaZe Clan. This comes after he attended six Pro League Finals, two Six Majors, three Six Invitationals, two Six Minors and four BR6 Finals. His best performances across this time saw him be crowned the 2017 and 2018 Brazilian champion, finish as runners-up in Season 8 and finish in the top four during Seasons 5, 6 and 9.

Most recently in Season 11, FaZe Clan finished outside the top two for the first time in six seasons which has now been followed up with a fourth-place finish during Stage One of the BR6 league likely leading to this decision. Mav announced that FaZe had made the decision to replace him on the lineup in an Instagram post you can read translated below where he thanked his current and ex-teammates for their time on the team.

For a big ammount of people, 2020 has been a difficult year so far. Today I got told that FaZe Clan has decided to replace me. I respect the decision. It was a really tough moment for me when I decided to kick cameram4n, it was the most difficult decision in my career in over 6 years. He knows it was difficult, my psychologist kept telling me that it was something that was done already and that the decision was the best for the team, but I think we needed much more transparency... Yoona, I know you for 15 years and when we called you I knew that you would do great, although I wouldn’t think this would end our friendship. Live, I remember the interviews you said that you wanted to play with me because you thought I was the best player in the country. I apologize for not meeting your expectations, I wish you the best. Ion, probably the most talented player I’ve ever played with, you’re very inteligent, don’t be afraid to talk and express your ideas, you’re probably the most important player if this team wants to get back to the top. Astro, I’ve been playing with you for over 3 years and I don’t know what to say, you are the reason why I joined this team back in 2017 and I knew that it would be a long trip, unlucky we didn’t win anything big.

At least I helped my team to get to the top-two in Brazil, the only team to participate in every international competition (14), I have never been a player that wanted kills or to appear in highlights, I always tried to help in my way.

I know nothing about my future, I only wish my team mates the best of the lucks, despite our differences you’re all great players and amazing human beings that will make it far.

August 12th: Ramalho Officially Joins FaZe Clan

After initially joining the lineup two months ago, Matheus "Ramalho" has officially been signed by the team as he passed his trial phase on the team. 


And so, that's every change within the Latin American region so far in this transfer period. Check back here for more updates over the coming days!