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Week 5 in LATAM - Team oNe, Estral, Coscu Army Lead

After their five-week long campaigns, each of the Latin American regional leagues has finally come to an end this week.

We now know the four best teams in Brazil and the two best in México, while South America already has a champion. Keep on reading to know every detail of the matches played in the previous week.

Brasileirão - Team oNe wins the Brasileirão

Team oNe and MIBR kicked off the game-week with an exciting match, which was very important specially for the latter team. Team oNe only needed a draw to secure a place in the top four, but MIBR desperately needed the win in order to keep FaZe's pace in the fight to earn that important fourth place.

Unfortunately for them, MIBR didn't get their desired result. The game ended in a draw as none of the teams got to win any of the maps played -- Oregon and Theme Park. Both matches followed the same script, with MIBR controlling the pace of the match, leading when headed into the 12th round, but always missing out on their chance to get that valuable win.

The second match of the day was between Ninjas in Pyjamas and INTZ. The Six Invitational 2020 finalists had kicked off the Brasileirão in the worst way possible, having drawn all their matches. Despite their bad start to the season, their recent results improved as they shot to the top-four and here the ninjas gave no chance to INTZ, winning 7-5 and 7-2.

The last clash of the day was between Team Liquid and W7M Gaming, a key match for the newly promoted team as everything but a win would see them fall out of the top-four race. On the other hand, Liquid already secured a place in the Brazilian mini-major after the previous MIBR result. However, Liquid won the match after a 7-0 win in the first game and a draw in the second -- this despite conceding five of the initial six rounds. 

It's worth mentioning, though, that Guii replaced Abreu after his poor performance in W7M’s first map, where he finished with a 0.46 rating (1-6 and a 50% KOST). Meanwhile, Guii, on Kafe, ended with a 10-10 KD and a 69% KOST with Wamai and Gridlock as his main operators.

After the first day results, Team Liquid, Team oNe, and Ninjas in Pyjamas had already secured their presence at the Brazilian mini-major. Meanwhile, only Black Dragons and MIBR were still in the race for fourth place -- back then occupied by FaZe Clan, with an upcoming game against Black Dragons.

With the game set to decide fourth place, Yoona, with 20 kills, was the star on his team. Through his heroics, counterbalancing a particularly poor game from mav, FaZe Clan won one map and drew the other. This partial win was enough for FaZe, as they secured the final spot at the Brazilian mini-major.

With the top four decided, FURIA and Team oNe played a similarly important game for the latter. Despite having secured a spot to compete at the mini-major, the team was already in the fight to finish in first place, just ahead of Team Liquid. To do that, oNe had to win against FURIA and wait for Liquid to lose or draw in their last game of the season against FaZe Clan.

Team oNe completed their part of the deal after a very one-sided performance against FURIA, as they won on Villa (7-0) and Clubhouse (7-1), winning all their attacks on the latter. Each T1 player ended with a rating above 1.17 and a KOST of +80%, with Rappz leading the team with a 1.96 rating and a 22-4 KD, a +6 of entry, and a perfect KOST. Meanwhile, FURIA's numbers were obviously low, although TchubZ ended with a KOST of 90% despite his team's performance.

The last match played on Saturday featured INTZ and Santos. The key was in Santos’ attacks, as they only got to win one of their eight offensive rounds. Both the maps played -- Villa and Clubhouse -- are pretty defended-sided and Santos struggled to close out their attacks. INTZ's ratings were very high, all above 1.1, with DRUNKKZZ being the only exception, 0.94. Meanwhile, DoDo, cypriSs, and SKaDinha were all only rated approximately 0.5 and none of them got more than six kills (in 19 rounds played).

Sunday was the last day of the regular league and built the final top four. Ninjas in Pyjamas started the day with a comfortable win against Black Dragons, taking both maps by 7-2. With this win, NiP secured third place and finished the season being the only undefeated team, having drawn five games and won four.

The second match offered a very good match between two teams that were fighting for the fifth place, a position that had little bearing on the Brazilian mini-major, but awarded 115 Six Invitational points. A total win for W7M Gaming over MIBR would have put them ahead of their opponents. 

Playing on Consulate, MIBR had a good start, winning five of their six defences. Despite this lead, MIBR could not hold on as W7M pulled things back and the map ended as a draw. The second map then went in favour of W7M, as they ended the league in sixth place. MKing’s ace, though, was probably one of the best plays of the game.

The last match of the league was between Team Liquid and FaZe Clan. Despite both teams  being already qualified, both Liquid and FaZe were still aiming to win to sit in better positions in the table. A win for Liquid would have given them first place, while FaZe would have jumped to third.

However, the match ended in a draw. Both games ended with 7-4 score lines, with Consulate won by Liquid and Clubhouse by FaZe, leaving the standings unchanged. Nesk was the stand out player of the match as he finished with 28 kills and 15 deaths, as well as a HS rating of 57%. Paluh ended with the best KOST of the game (77%), with both players having been the best performers on Liquid's line-up.

As such, the end-of-stage player rankings are as follows:

Campeonato Mexicano - Timbers, Estral's opponents at the Mexican Mini-Major

Due to the problems caused by the Hanna hurricane, the last matches of the Campeonato Mexicano had to be rescheduled. The fifth week started with clear wins for Timbers and Estral against Infinity Academy, while the third match was a partial win for Atheris against Pixel.

After the Hanna hurricane problems had been solved, Timbers and Pixel had been allowed to play their respective matches. The two had been tied for second place and their game was set to decide who would play against Estral for a chance to become the best team in México.

The first game of the evening was the Timbers' one, as they faced the bottom team of MeT. Timbers, the clear favourites, got an easy win in the first map (7-1), Theme Park. However, Consulate was a closer contest and was decided in the first half, as Timbers got to win four of their six defences. 

MeT drew level (5-5), but Timbers reacted just in time, winning the following rounds. The result confirmed Timbers as the second placed team, as Pixel now did not have any mathematical chances to overtake them in the table. Following this, Pixel's last game ended in a loss against Chivas after drawing in Coastline and losing in Theme Park (7-5).

This means that both Estral Esports and Timbers will be playing in a matter of weeks to crown a new Mexican champion. Both teams have already secured at least $7,000 in prize money, but the winner will get $10,000 and 225 Six Invitational points, while the other will get 140 points.

Campeonato Sudamericano - Coscu Army Wins in South America

Over in the Campeonato Sudamericano, the main day of the week was the first one, as Furious Gaming and Coscu Army played their respective games that eventually would decide which one of them would win the league, the $8,000 and the 115 Six Invitational points.

Furious Gaming didn't deceive their fans as they won against Nocturn Gaming with a 7-2 and a 7-5. The still-undefeated side of Coscu Army, despite drawing for the first time in the league -- against Malvinas Gaming on both maps -- still secured first place before their clash against Furious.

In the last game of the stage, we saw 9z Team and Malvinas Gaming completing two partial wins against Azules and Nocturns Gaming, respectively. Meanwhile, LBS won 2-0 against Infamous Gaming. However, the most anticipated game of the day was the one that could have decided first place. Despite already knowing that Coscu Army would sit in first place by the end of the week, both sides offered a great match which ended in a total win for Coscu Army, which moved Malvinas Gaming to second place.