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Japan Nationals 2020 Season 2 Day 2 Qualifier: Everything You Need to Know

Immediately after some frantic action last week, the Day 2 qualifier will come straight in this weekend with more excitement on offer.

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Japan Nationals 2020, the half-yearly tournament boasting total prize pool 500 million yen (approximately US$46,400) kicked off its Season 2 qualifiers at the end of June. From professional squads to newly assembled amateurs, all Japanese teams are given a great equal opportunity to grab the title of Japanese Champions.

Roadmap of Japan Nationals 2020. (Image: R6 Esports Japan)

Of the overall schedule in 2020, the Japan Nationals Season 1 has already concluded, with NORA-Rengo NRG, the domestic team of NORA-Rengo, winning the title. On the other hand, runners-up Faisaru secured one of the spots for the LAN Grand Finals planned to be staged this August, though the future impact of COVID-19 in Japan remains unclear.

And now, for the Season 2 title, as well as 2020 championship, the Qualifiers have started from June 27th, with 98 teams separated by 16 groups. Teams that win one of three qualifiers, or finish as runners-up twice, will be invited to the Season 2 Finals held on July 25th and 26th.

Day 1 Qualifier Roundup

While Pro League Season 11 competitors YOSHIMOTO G Lamy won the first day qualifier with ease, The second-day qualifier without the four Japanese giants from the APAC North Division saw some interesting games by lower-tier teams that had not been a focus before. 

The Anohi-no, featuring former pro players.

In particular, one of the final matches in Day 1 saw a spectacular performance from amateur team Anohi-no, composed of well-known players such as former NORA-Rengo player Yuta "Yuta Inoue" Inoue (aka ReyCyil) and former Sengoku Gaming player Shinya "prototype_1z" Nishiwaki.

Also on the team is ex-NRG player Candy, as well as Kanata "YahooN" Saeki, who joined from the now-disbanded DetonatioN Gaming R6 team. The promising new team fully knocked down veteran team Obsidian on Consulate (8-7) and Kafe (7-2) respectively, setting itself up as a strong contender.

Day 1 qualifier thus saw a total of 16 winners from each group as follows:

  • SchwarzerLand
  • Reiwa Gaming
  • Lst.
  • GEARMIX e-sports
  • TEAM Anohi-no
  • Zeruel.Esports
  • Nova. Manji-X
  • Zepto.
  • RepresentUnderground
  • In Version
  • :) (Nikkori)
  • ShinoBeeGaming Rev
  • SunSister
  • Tsukumo Itimon vLt

With these Day 1 results, the Day 2 qualifier will be held  today on July 4th over the remaining spots for the Seasonal Finals.


  • Day 2 Qualifier: Saturday July 4th
  • Day 3 Qualifier: Saturday July 11th
  • Season Final Day 1 (Online): Saturday July 25th
  • Season Final Day 2 (Online): Sunday July 26th
  • LAN Finals (planned): Sunday August 30th


The Japan Nationals 2020 Season 2 Day 2 qualifier will be aired on the following three websites, as well as its official Twitter, cast in Japanese.


For future updates on the ongoing Japan Nationals, keep an eye out here at SiegeGG.