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SiegeGG Feature Launch: Competitions

Today we're launching Competitions, a new way to explore Siege history through events and tournaments.

Since launch, our goal has been to make Rainbow Six esports more accessible to all. That's why we're excited to launch a feature that many have been asking about for a long time: competitions! Now, users can journey through the history of competitive Rainbow Six, examining past tournaments in as much detail as they please.

To see the feature yourself, visit, or read on.

We want competition pages to be truly useful—to offer in one place what you'd usually have to visit two or more places to find. Let's take a look at the page and each of its sections, to explain how this new feature can best be used.


Relevant information such as dates, prize pool, and location/venue for LAN events is available at the very top of the page.

Welcome to the Six Invitational!

Context is key. Navigating between related competitions—past or future iterations of the same competition, qualifiers, or otherwise is quick and easy. You can use the left and right arrow buttons to travel backward and forward in time, or click on any of the other related competitions listed below it.

Participating Teams

Next on the page is a list of all the teams participating in the competition, complete with logos, flags, and rosters. You can mouse over a team to show it’s players, or use the ‘show all rosters’ toggle at the top of the section.

Participants in the Six Major Raleigh.

In the future, we plan on showing placements for finished competitions. Who placed first, and how much of the prize pool did they net? All that information will be presented right there.


Here, you'll find the matches that make up the competition. You can also click the ‘more results’ button to be redirected to our matches page, with appropriate filters applied to only see games from that competition.

LATAM Season 11 results and standings.

You can also view the standings of select competitions that use the standard points system (Pro League Seasons 8-11, for example) in this section. This is a direct replacement for the previously-used Pro League Standings page.

Additionally… We plan to expand this section with more features such as filtering matches by team, viewing by tournament stage/playday, and more.


For events where SiegeGG has issued official awards, this section allows you to see the event MVP and any EVPs. You can also see each player’s rating and most played operators, to give a better picture of their performance throughout the tournament.

Six Invitational 2018 award recipients.

For more explanation into the criteria surrounding our award selections, please see the article linked above.

Player Stats

Player stats for competitions is one of our most anticipated features. Our goal is to make the statistical history of competitive Rainbow 6 accessible to all. For a long time, it's been difficult to find this information and we're excited to share it with the community. We believe this type of information is critical for fans to educate themselves and truly engage with the competitive scene on a deep level.

Allied Esports Minor player leaderboards.

Leaderboards show the top five players in six statistical categories that we've chosen to highlight:

  • Rating
  • K-D +/-
  • Entry +/-
  • KOST
  • Clutches
  • Plants
Pro League Season 3 Finals player stats.

The “Full stats” tab shows a stats table, much like our match scoreboards, where you can see a comprehensive breakdown of every player’s full statline from the competition. This table can be sorted by any of the columns listed for easy viewing of any possible configuration. You can also use the 'Group players by team' selector at the top of the table to easily see the performance of your favorite roster.


One of the big investments we’ve been making over the last several months is improving the quality and accessibility of our media. This year, during the Six Invitational, we launched our Galleries so that fans can access our growing library of photography. From here, you'll be able to view a preview of some of the event's high-quality photographs, and can click to access the full photoset.

Once in a gallery, you'll always be able to get back to the related competition page through a return link at the top of the page.

Season 10 Finals media (featuring DarkZero).

Alongside this, you'll be able to access a playlist of our YouTube content related to a competition, which will display if there are any relevant videos.

Map and Site Stats

Having basic information on the meta of a given competition is critical to a fan's understanding and appreciation of the game.

Map statistics from EU Challenger League Season 11.

See the overall defender winrate (attackers winrate is just the inverse of defense) and number of plays on each map, as well as the same statistics broken down for each site on the map.


Operator statistics may be even more important to understanding the way the game plays out as map stats. Because of this, we've modeled a detailed visualization after our stacked bar graphs that have become common in our post-event infographics.

Operator stats from the Six Invitational 2020.

In this graph, you can see the top 20 attackers and defenders, sorted by 'presence' which we define as pick-rate + ban-rate. Mousing over a column will give more details on each individual data point.


Finally, you can view news articles we’ve published related to that competition. You can also click “More news about…” to see all the articles we’ve published under a specific tag.

We’re currently in the process of revamping our tagging system to interact directly with competitions, articles, and other site features, so there may be instances where the displayed articles are unrelated or missing. Stay tuned for more features in this area.


Quality of Life

In addition to all of the new features on the competition pages themselves, we've also recently made efforts to improve quality-of-life for site users. Additions include...

Match and competition filtering. Find what you’re looking for more quickly. For matches, we added a competition filter. For competitions, filters include:

  • Tier (1-4)
  • Type (Major, Minor, etc.)
  • Environment (LAN or Online)
  • Series (Pro League, DreamHack, CCS, etc.)
  • Region (EU, NA, etc.)

Overall, we are looking at ways to make searching and filtering for both matches and competitions easier and more useful.

Redesigned match scoreboard. Simpler design, improving readability. See below:

Stylized player names. Previously all player names on the site were displayed in all-caps formatting, to ensure consistency and account for variants in player name spelling. Now, each player’s name is shown as they originally intended. Additionally, we have taken steps to make changing a player’s name far easier, so when players do decide to switch styles we can adjust accordingly.

Speed and infrastructure improvements, making our site faster than ever. Loading times on data-heavy pages have been reduced significantly, and we've introduced lazy-loading to only load what you need.

Discover relevant content easier. We're improving the cross-promotion of content around our website. You'll notice feeds of recent articles on match pages, upcoming/recent matches on article pages, photo galleries linked with competitions, with more discovery features on the way.

Infographics page cleanup. With the release of the competitions pages, many of the seasonal stats graphics we've released in the past have now become obsolete. To access the same information (and more) you can find its page on our site and check out detailed statistics from every participating player.

As such, we've removed the seasonal stats graphics, which will make it easier to find our high-quality infographics that our graphic designers hand-make after each tier-1 LAN event. You can find these in the 'Infographics' section of the site footer.


Our work on Competition pages is a collaboration between our dev team plus other key staff members. Thanks to Kev and dohnutt for your help. Without their contributions, SiegeGG would not be what it is today. To check out all the new features for yourself, you can find competitions in the main site navbar, or by going to

We welcome feedback in our Discord server, so stop in!

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